Interview with Senior Employee

       We want to know how the employees of Dahesong Salico think about the company and what suggestions they have. Therefore, we interviewed Miss Jhang Li-Ping, a senior employee and the Associate Manager of Accounting Department. In the following are the questions we asked and her answers.

Q:How long have you worked for the company?
A:15 years by June 22 this year.

Q:Have you encountered difficulties or something interesting in the period? How did you solve them?
A:Yes. The difficulty is the bottleneck of work. For example, when I got some trouble in inspecting the accounting books, I used to walked to another place and breathe the fresh air.

Q:What job are you in charge of?
A:Associate manager of Accounting Department.

Q:Why do you choose to work here?
A:After I was married, I decided to get a normal job, on the one hand, to take care of both the family and the career, and on the other hand, to enjoy the benefit of normal working time schedule.

Q:Have you had the idea to resign?
A:Sometimes when I was in low spirit or the work was not done well. Usually I got some colleagues and talk with them to release the stress.

Q:What welfare measures does the company take for you?
A:General Manager Ciou cares employees very much.

Q:Do you have confidence in the products of your company?
A:Yes, I do. In the past we used red packages and I thought it out of date. Now we have changed the style and young people become the main target customers of our company. We have changed the packaging and the taste a lot. I am very confident in our company.

Q:What do you want to say to General Manager Ciou?
A:Hand some responsibilities to your subordinates and relieve your burden. Do not burden everything on your own shoulder. You have done too much and should pay more attention to your health.

Miss Jhang is very confident in the company's products
Senior employee Miss Jhang Li-Ping accepted our interview