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Interview with General Manager Ciou

       Mr. Ciou Yi-Rong is the second-generation operator of Dahesong Salico, and he took over his mother's business in 1983. Through over twenty years of hard work, he has made Dahesong Salico a leader in the market of wedding cake and wedding candies in Taiwan. Therefore, we want to know how General Manager Ciou has succeeded. Hereinafter is the record of interview with him.

Q¡GCould you tell me what is the goal of Dahesong Salico in this year?
A¡GWe will go on focusing on the sightseeing recreation industry. I hope we can still see growth in the wedding cake market, and younger packaging will be worked out for our nougat to attract young consumers. The museum will keep improving and a second museum is expected to be established. There have been more commodities for young people in the general store on Boai Road, and we are planning to employ the franchising operation mechanism. We have a lot of things to do, but the manpower of the company is limited. Therefore, we can not walk too fast.

Q¡GHas the company encountered any bottleneck through the fifty years?
A¡Gour employee turnout rate was very high a few years ago and we kept changing personnel, for we would be washed out if we failed to keep step with the tide. As a matter of fact, my employees suffer a lot, for I do things fast and put high requirements them. However, I believe that their efforts get paid when they receive the year-end bonus.

Q¡GWhat requirements do you place on your employees? What standard is followed when you recruit new employees?
A¡GFirst, personal integrity; second, executive power; third, ability; and finally, education background.

Q¡GWhy do you set up the Filial Piety Avenue?
A¡GIt would be too late if you did not treat your mother well and regret after she passed away. My mother always hoped that a museum was established for transmitting the cultural heritage. Therefore, I set the Filial Piety Avenue to thank and monumentalize my mother.

General Manager Ciou accepted our interview
Q¡GPeople have fewer children now. Will this tide influence the operation of your company?
A¡GIn fact, some people earn money even under economic depression, while some people loose money even under economic prosperity. I think the market situation is not very important, and a clever boss will strive for a maximized market. If you have good products, good service and reasonable price and do everything better than others, you will get the market necessarily.
My experience
Kun-Han¡GAfter I finished the interview with General Manager Ciou, I think he is a down-to-earth person. He leads the staff of Dahesong Salico to keep innovating, keep changing and keep growing, and he treats everything and every employee seriously. No wonder they work so hard for Dahesong Salico and make the company perform better and better.
General Manager Ciou answered every question kindly