Interview with store manager
       There are two managers in the general store on Boai Road. The work of store manager is to answer telephones, inspect the working situation of staff, receive the customers who come to the store for wedding cakes, confirm the class and quantity of products that customers need, and inform the factory of the orders and the time of delivery. It is learned from Store Manager Siao that, the general store on Boai Road is located in the shopping center and so the products sell very well. It is not easy to be a store manager, for he is responsible for everything in the store. He must be optimistic, earnest, and able to calm down on occurrence of incidents. He must be patient to the salesperson, has the ability to lead people, get his mobile phone working all day, and be prepared to handle problems in the store.
This is the store manager on morning shift
Store Manager Siao is responsible for night shift