The first store on Boai Road in Taipei City in 1956

Introduction to the General Store on Boai Road
       The first store of Dahesong Salico is located on Boai Road in Taipei City. The road is situated in front of Taipei Railway Station, and here is the famous market place of Taipei. There are a lot of stores around and people often do some shopping here in an endless stream.

       The building of the store is a typical traditional building in the early period of Taiwan. It has four storeys and has had a history of fifty years. Today you can see high buildings everywhere in Taipei City, but what is unchanged is the endless stream of people on Boai Road and Dahesong Salico products are still favored by people.

New advertisement signboard of the store in 1996
A huge portrait of endorser Miss Jin-Wen was erected in 2006
The internal decoration is filled with modern classic style
The fresh products that came out of the oven just a moment ago attracted a lot of buyers