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       The vigorous team consists of four tutors, five students and two warm-hearted student parents as volunteers. This is our first time and we are the first team of our school joining in the Cyberfair. Though we had no experience and started later than others, we spared no efforts and tried our best in all the activities from interview, visit, questionnaire investigation and data analysis to webpage design after the team was established and the subject determined.

Student: Li Kun-Han
Li Kun-Han
       In the one hundred days of research, our Vigorous Team worked hard together from Nougat Museum in Tucheng to the general store on Boai Road, from interview with consumers and village chief to dropping in friends in Southern Taiwan by telephone. We never ceased to work and never ceased to innovate. No pains, no gains. We persisted in for one hundred days, and we got the result of one hundred marks naturally.
       The process of the theme research was hard, but nobody gave up. Difficult as it was, nobody evaded. It is because we are a group of vigorous teachers and students and we worked together and grew together. During this period, I must thank the teachers and my schoolmates for they accompanied my study and growth, encouraged me and shared the happiness and difficulties. Whether in Tucheng or at the school, we work together happily like a family.
       I must thank Dahesong Salico for its support and cooperation during these days. I must thank General Manager Ciou and Board Chairman Zeng for they spared time to help us though they were very busy and satisfied our request without saying too much. Without your help, we could not have the result today.

Student: Lin Siao-Cheng

Lin Siao-Cheng

       My name is Lin Siao-Cheng. I am not interested in too many things at ordinary times, but I like joining in some competitions to enrich myself and learn from people who are better at something than me, and this drives me to work harder. It is my and even the school's first time to participate in this kind of competition, and most of the teams in our section have once won awards. Though we started some later, we have a strong team, the best teachers and the best students. I am very glad to have the chance to learn with others. I hope we can get a high score and I appreciate Dahesong Salico very much for its assistance. It is a good feeling to get along and work hard together with schoolmates who have the same mind!

Student: Lin Yi-Ting
Lin Yi-Ting

       My name is Lin Yi-Ting and I am a student in Shuang Yuan Primary School. I like chatting with friends and do physical work. The participation in Cyberfair makes me grow in knowledge and interpersonal relations. During the process of research, we felt difficult and encountered difficulties sometimes, but we never complained or gave up to difficulties. After the research on Dahesong Salico, I have known there is so good a company, in which the general manager treats others kindly and respects his parents and the employees work hard and cooperate with each other. Their spirit is worthy of being imitated. Our teachers made nothing of hardships and led the whole class to participate in similar activities, and each member of our team worked hard too. So everybody got an opportunity to know new things. I believe this research will be the happiest time of our life in Primary school.

Student: Sun Ruo-Cing
Sun Ruo-Cing

       Hello, everybody! I am Sun Ruo-Cing and I like playing electronic games. By participating in the Cyberfair, I has increased knowledge and got to know how an enterprise is operated. Dahesong Salico not only makes money, but also has set a Nougat Museum in Tucheng to provide a space for people to learn traditional culture. What¡¦s more, when we paid visits to them, they treated us kindly and helped us to interview the general manager, the board chairman and brand endorser successfully. I must thank a lot of people, such as our parents and team members. We have learned much through the process of research and a lot of valuable memory has been kept in our mind.

Student: Ying Yong-Sin
Ying Yong-Sin

       I am Ying Yong-Sin, and I like playing with my classmates or reading novels. Before I participated in the research on Dahesong Salico ¡V Sweet Flavor, I thought it was difficult to understand the operation, products and personnel of a company. However, my thought has changed thoroughly since I participate in the research, for the general manager, board chairman and staff of Dahesong Salico treated us very kindly and provided us much assistance in the research. What is the most worthy of our imitation is General Manager Ciou's filial piety.
Besides the staff of Dahesong Salico, I must thank the students, teachers and parents of the Vigorous Tea. The students worked hard in the research, the teachers provided a lot of guidance, and the parents assisted the team without claiming any return. All the way we had joy but no tears. Dahesong Salico and all of us have made me feel the happiness and give me a valuable memory of the six years in my Primary school!

Tutor:Chen Mei-Ying
Chen Mei-Ying

       It is tiring to do research and it is even more tiring to lead students to do research. However, through the process of theme research, we have had deeper understanding of people and things, and I enjoy the sense of achievement very much after facing problem, solving problem and accomplishing the tasks. In addition, when I see the students work so hard with smiles, I think all my efforts worth. I hope that after we walked the step and sowed the seed, more people of our school, our community and our society will engage in these meaningful activities and through the Internet that reaches every corner in the world, to make people know every corner of the beautiful island Taiwan and transmit the sensation to all over the world.

Tutor: Lin Sing-Mei
Lin Sing-Mei

       What gratifies me the most is the serious and happy expression on the students' faces, and it is the happiest thing for me to work with my colleagues Mei-Ying and Huei-Ying and feel their passion and energy for education. We often asked each other, ¡§Why should we get so busy and tired?¡¨ Psychologist Maslow once mentioned the highest need of human is self-actualization. I think we are pursuing to the growth of ourselves and bring the potentials of ourselves into play, and bring more and better learning opportunities to our students.

Tutor: Huang Huei-Ying
Huang Huei-Ying

       You can know from the name of our team that everyone of us is full of vigor. Let me tell you why. After the seventieth anniversary of our school was finished, we had no time to have rest and immediately started the theme research for the Cyberfair. The team not only did the affairs of the school, but also sacrificed their holidays and noon breaks for discussion, interview, experiencing activities and data statistics. A series of activities made us tired, and also made us moved and feel proud. It is a good feeling to learn together with students, and what is learned from this is much more than teaching in classroom. It¡¦s true that teaching benefits teachers as well as students.
        Meaningful as it is, teaching is limited to the field of education. Through this research, I have deeply understood the establishment and operation of an enterprise. What¡¦s more, I have known that a successful entrepreneur not only must have the foresight and know the professional operation, but also needs the mind of treating others as oneself. I often share the successful story of this enterprise with my students in the hope of affecting each student by the operator¡¦s filial piety. I think that, this is absolutely the deepest fruit of our team participating in the Cyberfair.

Tutor: Gillian Huang
Gillian Huang

       Hi!? I¡¦m Gillian Huang.? It¡¦s my great pleasure to work with such brilliant and excellent partners and students.
       I usually bath myself in the English teaching.? I had never known that it could be such fun to participate in a contest until I met and work with them.?? Through their eyes, I see the perseverance, excellence, and optimism.? When I helped in the translations of the project, I did realize what great efforts they¡¦d made for it.? It¡¦s really a very precious experience for the students to join the project.?? Through the field work, they get closer to know what their future will be and what they can do to achieve it.? They then learn the gratitude toward life and others.?? That¡¦s what the education for.??? That¡¦s also the support for teachers to move on in the way of teaching.

Volunteer:Jhan Fei-Yun (Lin Yi-Ting¡¦s mother)

       ¡§Be brave in trying, work hard in research, and feel happy in study¡¨. This is the best portrait of the Vigorous Team participating in the Cyberfair. That the children are so fortunate to have such a valuable opportunity before graduation should be first attributed to the three young beautiful teachers, namely, Mei-Ying, Huei-Ying and Mei-Sin. I must thank you for your efforts in this research. With limited fund, you led the five children to shuttle between the school and the company, gave them perfect guidance and encouragement to every child, and arrange for various activities such as Fenglingsu DIY and nougat DIY activities at Nougat Museum, role playing, ad photography simulation, questionnaire investigation, interview, and result release. All of these provided a good opportunity to train the courage of the children and make them experience solidarity and cooperation. Though I participated in several activities myself, my work really does not worth mention compared to the efforts made by the teachers.
        During the whole process of research, I saw the teachers and the children spared no effort to analyze and consider the theme and content of research, then plan and design the routine of visit, questionnaire investigation and experiencing activities, and finally do data analysis and compile research report. There were not a few difficulties in the way, but the team was never discouraged; on the contrary, everyone worked harder and contributed his wisdom for the common goal and ideal. As a student¡¦s parent, I was moved so much and I must thank a lot of people.
        I must thank Board Chairman Zeng Cuei-Na and General Manager Ciou Yi-Rong, for they spared time to provide assistance for the children and treat them so kindly in interview. They gave the children not only knowledge that could not be learned from textbook, but also matchless self-confidence and respect. I must give the most earnest thank to all the staff of the general store and the nougat museum for their help. Another one that must be mentioned is Miss Jin-Wen. You are so beautiful and so kind, and never put on airs. How the children were excited when the children got your signatures.

       Through this research, I have seen an excellent enterprise that is operated with efforts and strives for innovation ceaselessly, cares the commonweal and feeds back to the society. I am gratified to see that the activity has widened the eyeshot of the children. As an essay ¡§walking for ten thousand miles is superior to reading ten thousand books¡¨ says, the experiences of these days will become a profound and beautiful memory in the mind of their children. As the title of our research tells, the sweet flavor will accompany you for a whole happy life!