Customer Feedback

      Mrs. Jin Jia-Li who came from America to drop in her relatives said, since she went to America for study, she had been living in America with her husband; when she returned to Taiwan, she never forgot to do some shopping on Boai Road and when she smelled the sweet flavor of Dahesong Salico cakes and saw a lot of people lining up to buy the cakes, she used to join in the long queue and wait with patience to buy some nougats or cakes to share with her family. She thought Dahesong Salico products were fresh and tasted well, and the price was reasonable. Film of the Visit
       Mrs. Lin, a housewife in Taipei, said her daughter lived in a foreign country and every year she would mail Dahesong Salico nougat to her and sometimes she would buy relatives and friends some nougat. She told that Dahesong Salico nougat was very delicious for the raw materials were of the top quality and the products were fresh and of diversified tastes.
Mrs. Jin Jia-Li who lives in America buys Dahesong Salico products every time when she returns to Taiwan
Mrs. Lin said Dahesong Salico nougat was her best choice as gifts for New Year or festivals