Board Chairman's Words

       Dahesong Salico has been established for a half century. Through the fifty years, it always holds the idea of persistence, honest service and the spirit of keeping improving to serve the vase fans. It is hoped that the enterprise can enter the global market and show the diligence and vitality of Taiwanese people to the world. Aimed at the operation guideline and future prospect, the second-generation operator of Dahesong Salico, Board Chairman Zeng brings forward her opinions:
  • Make friends everywhere: it would be better to make a friend than get an enemy. A good leader needs ability and aggressiveness; besides, good interpersonal relationship, fair treatment of employee, and proper use of talents are also very important.
  • Use young people: the administrative personnel of our company are very young. We will go on making our company young and providing opportunities for young people.
  • Packaging design: the company employs professionals to design our products. Every year the packaging boxes have a new theme, such as pineapple appearance, ancient-style, hop-pocket opera, scenic spot stamps, and so on.
  • Flexible management: morning meetings are held every day. The cadre meeting of Nougat Museum is called at 8:00 a.m., and the meeting of factory, Accounting Department and Sales Department is held at 8:30 a.m. In the meetings the cadres must explain their agenda and all problems of the company may be discussed. Such a management mechanism is relatively elastic and enables us to master the whole company and understand the situation at any time. If the boss does not know anything, his judgment is likely to be wrong.
  • Characteristic products: 1) The quality of products must be good, and 2) the price is reasonable. We adopt the high quality moderate price policy. In the era of profit squeeze, it is difficult to earn huge profits but we must do things best. Dahesong Salico is determined to march toward this goal.
  • Market exploitation: the goal of this year is to exploit the foreign market. Though the first step is not big, it must be done.