Kun-Han's Experience
ˇEGM Ciou's one day
Siao-Cheng's Experience
ˇE QC Manager's
    one day
Yong-Sin's Experience
ˇEPackerˇ¦s one day
Rong-Sin's Experience
ˇEStore managerˇ¦s
    one day
Yi-Ting's Experience
   one day

GM Ciou's one day
General Manager Ciou and Board Chairman Zengˇ¦s One Day

       My task of today was to experience the general managerˇ¦s one day. But the general manager left the company for important affairs, so I was lucky to accompany the board chairman and learn from her since 9:30am.

       Dahesong Salico holds early meetings every day. From 8:00 to 8:30, a cadre meeting of Nougat Museum was held to discuss the agenda and activities of today. In

Dahesong Salico holds a morning meetings were held at 8:00 a.m. every day

the factorymeeting held from 8:30 to 9:00, the cadres brought forward the work schedule of today. After some problems were discussed, General Manager Ciou drew a conclusion.

        I went to the storehouse with General Manager Ciou. After he talked with the employees for a moment, we came back to the office. The general manager must go out to handle some important affairs; therefore, I did not follow him but followed and learned much from Board Chairman Zeng.

       The board chairman introduced the way of operation of Dahesong Salico and the difference of Dahesong Salico wedding cake from other brands. Her kindness moved me very much.

       CEO Chen arranged Miss Syu to accompany me to visit the company. When we came to the wedding cake factory

The board chairman introduced their way of operation to me in detail

upstairs,Syu told me that General Manager Ciou used to inspect here every day. It seemed as I were the general manager inspecting around. In the wedding cake production area on the second floor, the sweet flavor of biscuits that had just come out from the oven flied into my nose. If I were a producer, I would eat all the biscuits in the first day when I came to work.

         At noon I had lunch together with Siao-Cheng, Siao-Chengˇ¦s mother and Yong-Sin. We talked about the work we did in the morning. Yong-Sin told us her work was so hard that her waist and back were aching, while Siao-Cheng and I thought it was very interesting and we had learned much.

         In the afternoon, the general manager and the board chairman both went out. So I chatted with the clerk in the office and got to know more about Dahesong Salico.

         It was time to ring out and go back home. The one-day experiencing of general manager was really good! The board chairman sent every one of us a box of wedding cake, and said it was the pay of our work. We returned with tired body and happy and excited spirit.

My experience

       The one day of hard work finally ended. I felt much easier after being set free from the post of general manager. Reviewing the things of today, I was gratified and curious. From the morning to the evening, I got to know a lot of funny things. Especially, the interview with the board chairman benefited me very much. Of course, every employee of Dahesong Salico was very kind. I got to understand that a successful enterprise needs a lot of things.

Ciou Siao-Pao was always around General Manager Ciou all the time

       During the whole process of experiencing, the person who moved me the most is Board Chairman Zeng. She never put on airs though she is the boss of a big business, and never played at me just because I am a pupil. On the contrary, she taught me sincerely and seriously, shared her interpersonal principles with me, and introduced the profound things about business operation to me in a simple way with patience. Her actions and words impressed me deeply, and were worthy of imitation. Besides, CEO Chen and Ms. Syu were also kind to me. They accompanied me to visit the museum thoroughly and did not tire of telling me things about Dahesong Salico. People often ask why Dahesong Salico can acquire such a high reputation and have so many loyal consumers. It is because Board Chairman Zeng and General Manager Ciou can keep improving and working out quality products by persisting in their parentsˇ¦ teaching and the experience heritage of fifty years. It is also an important factor for their success that they do everything with effort carefully.
        Through the experiencing of today, I have understood that a general manager and a board chairman do not work by physical labor, but do important decisions based on their experience, wisdom, foresight and courage. Every decision is likely to affect the fate and reputation of the whole company, and a wrong decision may destroy the life guarantee for all the employees. Therefore, it is not easy to be a company operator.