Introduction to Nougat Museum
       The Nougat Museum is located in Tucheng Industrial Zone, Taipei County, and it used to be a food factory. To accomplish his mother's last will, General Manager Ciou established the Nougat Museum by redesigning the space of the warehouse. In the museum you can see complete production process and development history of nougat. The internal decorations are filled with Taiwanese traditional style and the cultural relics of Taiwan are exhibited here.
Nougat Museum

Hereinafter is a brief introduction to the museum:

  1. Traditional Nougat Area: here are exhibited the traditional production equipment and production process of nougat.
  2. Fenglingsu and Nougat DIY Area: here the visitors can make Fenglingsu and nougat themselves under the master's instruction, and taste the sweet flavor of the nougat they make.
  3. Filial Piety Avenue: on the wall are hung photos on the development history of Dahesong Salico and pictures of the 24 stories about filial piety, indicating the corporate culture of basing business upon filial piety.
  4. Grocery: marble soda, canned sugar, ancient film posters and missing people notices remind us of the past times and make the young people know the hardship suffered by their parents and grandparents.
  5. Cultural Relics Exhibition Area: here are exhibited the goods used for wedding and daily life in the past in Taiwan. All the objects exhibited have important meaning in education and cultural heritage.
Traditional Nougat Area
Fenglingsu and Nougat DIY Area
Filial Piety Avenue
Cultural Relics Exhibition Area
Cultural Relics Exhibition Area