Interview with Director of Nougat Museum

Board Chairman Zeng introduced the Nougat Museum to use kindly
      The director of Nougat Museum is assumed by Board Chairman Mrs. Zeng Cuei-Na on a part-time basis. Hereinafter is the record of interview with her:

QGWhy do you set up the Nougat Museum?
A lot of enterprises fail to know what their own culture is after a period of development. The idea of setting up the Nougat Museum is brought forward by the general manager, who wants to transmit the cultural heritage.

QGHow do the people think about the DIY activities held by the museum? Do you plan to promote more DIY activities?
AGThe nougat has just been established for a short time; therefore, time is needed for observation. If there are proper opportunities, we will hold more DIY activities regarding Chinese tradition and history such as color painting, Chinese knot and so on in the future.

QGWhere do the ideas of the museum come from?
AGAll the ideas in the company are worked out by the general manager. He is clever and full of creativity.

Board Chairman Zeng said the main purpose of setting up the museum is to transmit the cultural heritage
Board Chairman Zeng never put on airs as other bosses and she answered our questions in detail with patience