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1. Background of the Activity  
       During the process of theme research, we interviewed with a lot of people relating to Dahesong Salico, especially, the brand endorser Miss Jin-Wen, who is a compere and becomes a good friend of Mr. Ciou and her wife thanks to an opportunity of interview with the couple. Last year when she got married, Dahesong Salico asked her to act as the brand endorser in plane advertisement and TV advertisement. It is learned from General Manager Ciou that the pink lace wedding cake gift box endorsed by Jin-Wen has seen obvious

sales growth andthis year the company will continue cooperation with Jin-Wen. We think in the modern society of advanced technology, a company needs to not only provide quality products, but also do well the work of marketing and promotion. Therefore, we want to experience advertisement photography.

2. Content of the Activity
         All the members of the Vigorous Team are students in Class 1, Grade 6 in Shuang Yuan Primary School. Therefore, the class is divided into three groups to perform advertisement promotion for nougat, wedding cake and Fenglingsu respectively.

It is advertisement time

Yi-Ting: In the afternoon we went to the Audiovisual Classroom to photograph advertisement. The theme of our group is wedding cake. The advertisement tells a story that the daughter is going to be married and has chosen Dahesong Salico wedding cake and so the parents remembered that they used the same wedding cake when they got married; Dahesong Salico accompanied the family for a whole happy life.
       It was our first time to try advertisement photography; therefore, we were very excited and tried hard to do it well. The advertisement of each group has unique characteristic. The theme of wedding cake is romance, Fenglingsu family and nougat fun. All the students participating in the performance tried their best. Though we are not professional actors, we are absolutely good performer. The performance is successful.

The warmness of wedding cake
       This activity provides an opportunity for the class to interact with each other so closely for the first time. The pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy in the interaction deeply impressed the mind of everybody and will become a beautiful memory of us all.

Ruo-Cing: The Vigorous Team and all the other students of Class 1, Grade 1 went to the Audiovisual Classroom to photograph the advertisements. In the first group, Dahesong Salico wedding cake is introduced from mother's dialogue with her daughter going to be married. The second group utilizes the interaction between grandfather and grandson to introduce Dahesong Salico Fenglingsu. In the third advertisement, the famous product of Taiwan V Nougat is found by foreigners who are doing shopping. This advertisement impressed me the most deeply and even made all the teachers laugh. In the play Su Yong-Ci and Lin Siao-Cheng huckster zealously, Chen Jhih-Hong and Jhang Hao-Siang speak Chinese like foreigners and Yang Kai-Jie simulates an old man. They are the backbone of the play.

The fun of nougat
Fenglingsu family