The Visit to Nougat Museum

Yong-Sin: the day finally came. Today the Vigorous Team visited the Nougat Museum. We walked around in the museum following the guides. What we have the most interest in are the ball with signatures and Easy Card of Taiwan's Light Wang Jian-Ming. They are placed at obvious positions and catch a lot of eyes. Nearby the Sales Area there is a desk for praying to Wen-Chang God. We wrote down our own wishes, for example, taking first place in exam. Finally we saw the boss of Dahesong Salico, Mr. Ciou and his parrot Ciou Siao-Pao. The parrot can get rid of acnes and tartar for his master, and run around him from time to time. It was very funny and attracted a lot of our attention. However, the most important thing of today was to ask Mr. Ciou to assist our research. It surprised us that Mr. Ciou agreed without any hesitation. Yeah. We saw a gleam of dawn in our research.

Yong-Sin was happy to visit the museum though he walked on crutch due to foot ache
Ciou Siao-Pao was very funning and caught a lot of eyes

Yi-Ting: in the afternoon, we Vigorous Team took the Metro to visit the Nougat Museum. The visit opened my eyes. First I saw the Founder's Ancient House, and then visited everything together with other team members following a guide. It surprised me that one of the photos on the cover of our Society textbook for Grade 5 was just taken in the museum. Besides, we saw a ball with the signature of Taiwan's Light V Wang Jian-Ming. Walking along the Filial Piety Avenue, we saw our teachers were talking to General Manager Ciou, whom we had dreamed to meet for a long time, and the lovely parrot on his shoulder. The general manager was so kind and he was willing to assist us in the interview with the personnel in the general store and the brand endorser Miss Jin-Wen. I believe our research will be finished successfully.

Master A-Bao made introduction to us in detail
The general manager was so kind that he was willing to assist us in the research

Teacher Huei-Ying: it was the first time for the members of the Vigorous Team to visit Dahesong Salico Nougat Museum. Though the air temperature was suddenly reduced and it rained, we left the school for Tucheng. Yong-Sin walked on crutch painfully, but he wont give up the opportunity to visit the museum. As we expected before, there are a lot of treasure in the museum. In addition to the products exhibited, there were introductions of the ancient traditions and customs in Taiwan.
It was lucky that we happened to meet General Manager Ciou and talked with him. He told us things about Dahesong Salico with fervor and assurance, and shared something interesting in life with us. It was our first impression that Mr. Ciou was conversable, sanguine and zealous. We understood that, a successful entrepreneur must work hard and persist on ego and principles. The deep foresight and unique behavior style made Mr. Ciou stand out of the severe competition in the wedding cake market and build the image of local enterprise successfully. The visit in the afternoon of today benefited the research group very much. Thank Mr. Ciou for his hospitality and all the staff of the museum for their detailed introduction and, the parrot Ciou Siao-Pao for the kiss surprised me.