The Visit to the General Store

The fresh cake and Beichengshao attracted a lot of buyers
Kun-Han:today we paid to a visit to the Dahesong Salico general store on Boai Road. We took Bus 307 to the destination. Wow. There was a huge crowd of people in the store. The smell of biscuits flied around us and I couldn't help slobbering. Besides nougat and wedding cake, fresh nougat cake, Beichengshao and sandwich cake are also sold in the store. The flavor attracted a lot of people, and they lined up in queues to buy the delicious food. The salespersons on the counter were very busy, but they served every customer with smile.

Yi-Ting: after classes were over, we left the school for the general store of Dahesong Salico on Boai Road. An interview with the store manager, clerk and customers was originally planned, but a lot of people were waiting to buy sandwich and cake and the store was so crowded that not even a drop of water could trickle through. It seemed that the interview must be suspended, so we looked around the store to find what products Dahesong Salico provides.

The customers in a long line jammed the store
It was happy that we got something to watch and eat every time when we went out for the research project