Dahesong Red Bean Soup, the former existence of Dahesong Salico, in 1956(Photo from Dahesong Salico)
       As a famous enterprise in Taiwan, Dahesong Salico originated from the Hesong Red Bean Soup on Boai Road, Taipei City. The founder Ms. Ciou-Peng Yu-He introduced nougat from Hong Kong in 1956 and renamed it Dahesong Nougat.
       In 1983, the second-generation operator Ciou Yi-Rong entered the market of wedding cake with the Salico brand. Mr. Ciou thought that Salico would not come out without Dahesong.Therefore, he merged the two brands into one

in 1985 and decided to adopt the Dahesong Salico brand, implying the enterprise passes on the heritage from the previous generation and the operator never forget where the business started.

Through fifty years of operation, the store on Boai Road still receives a lot of customers every day
The Nougats was once packed in jars