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Wang Jian-Ming Easy Card

       Wang Jian-Ming, a Taiwanese baseball pitcher in America, obtained a good result of 19 wins in MLB tournament this year. He not only shared the title of Best Pitcher with someone else, but also broke Asian players' record of maximum victories in a single season. Therefore, the Easy Card with tail number 41 signed by Wang Jian-Ming was sold through public bidding, and the bidding attracted a lot of eyes.

The Easy Card with Wang Jian-Ming's signature is exhibited in the Nougat Museum

       Mrs. Zeng Cuei-Na, boss of Dahesong Salico, finally got the signed Easy Card by a bid of NT$500,000. Mr. Ciou Yi-Rong and Mrs. Zeng Cuei-Na said that, all their family love baseball and are Wang Jian-Ming's fans. Therefore, they decided to take part in the competitive bidding. All the sales incomes were donated to the baseball team of Tongfu Senior High School, which suffered great losses in the 921 Earthquake. Now the card is exhibited in the Nougat Museum, and has become the guarding treasure of Dahesong Salico Nougat Museum.