Board Chairman Zeng's Bag of Tricks

Board Chairman Zeng's Bag of Tricks
       During the process of interview, the board chairman specially introduced her bag of tricks she carries on her body every day. There are three books of kungfu secrets in the bag, which she uses in business and family life.
Hereinafter is the record of interview with Board Chairman Zeng: (recorded by Li Kun-Han based on Mrs. Zeng's dictation)

Kungfu Secret 1: phone book

In the board chairman's phone book is recorded necessary information

  • The book contains the telephone number of each chain store, the home telephone number and mobile phone number of store manager or other managerial personnel, and the telephone numbers of distributors; so the board chairman can contact them at any time before 10:00p.m.
  • The telephone numbers of all raw material suppliers; those marked with a red line are telephone numbers of very important suppliers.

  • The operating revenue and profit & loss of the company in the past twelve years, the status of chain stores, and the salary of each store manager; so I can know whats problem and handle it immediately.
  • The telephone numbers of family members, relatives, friends, associations, elected representatives, members of Legislative Yuan, and members of City Council; so I can contact them at any time if necessary.

Kungfu Secret 2: annual notebook

       There is a yearly schedule in which special days are marked; for example, Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Day are great festivals to cake companies. In addition, the important work and appointments are recorded. The first thing each morning after I get up is to open this book and see what I must do today. I have been making records in such a notebook for 25 years, one book every year. If I want to see what I did in a year, I just need to get the corresponding book. It is a good habit.

Kungfu Secret 3: purse, containing certificates, credit cards, and cash

       A board chairman needs these three things wherever she goes. With a purse containing these things, I can master the situation at any time. It is a board chairman's way to do things.

My experience

Kun-HanGAfter the board chairman introduced her bag of tricks, I feel all the three secrets are quite valuable. They help you to understand what happens and deal with the problems at any time anywhere. It is her character doing things with deliberation. So she can manage Dahesong Salico so well. I should learn from her. Therefore, I decided to make records from this year to manage my own things well and plan my life well.

The board chairman talked to me kindly