Wedding Cake Factory
       Dahesong Salico is the first sightseeing factory in Taipei County. General Manager Mr. Ciou Yi-Rong said that, people can see the production and the clean, automated manufacturing flow of wedding cake when visiting the sightseeing factory and thus understand the hardship of operating an enterprise. Dahesong Salico Wedding Cake Factory includes two areas: automated western cake production area and manual Chinese cake production area.
Through the glass window we can see the full-automatic one-stop production flow
       The automated western cake production area is on the second floor. Through the class window we can see the automated production flow.
This area consists of:
The visitors can see the safe and clean production flow
  1. Western cake raw material area: here the classes of raw materials are introduced for the people to understand what the cakes are made from.
  2. Western cake production area: through the class window we can see the all-automatic one-stop production flow.
  3. Used equipment exhibition area: a lot of machines that was used to make western cakes and foreign baking models are exhibited here.
The manual Chinese cake production area is on the third floor.
  1. Chinese Wedding Custom Area: it is outside the manual Chinese cake production area and the Taiwanese traditional ruralism is presented here.
  2. Fantasy Baking Studio: want to experience the cake being baked in the oven? There is an observation hole on the wall of the baking house, and from the hole you can see the mechanized production flow.
  3. The workers directly pack the biscuits on the production line, enabling the visitors to see the mechanized packaging flow.
The workers in the Chinese cake production area care the product quality very much
The children think it is very interesting to visit the factory