First-generation Founder
       The founder of Dahesong Salico is Ms. Ciou-Peng Yu-He, who introduced nougat into Taiwan. In 1956, she opened a store named Hesong Red Bean Soup on Boai Road in Taipei City and sold nougat in the store. As described by her son, General Manager Ciou Yi-Rong, she was diligent, hardworking and thrifty. She placed strict requirement on product quality, and established the 48-hour production & sales plan to provide fresh, high-quality products for the consumers. In her late days, Ms. Ciou-Peng Yu-He wished to establish a museum to do the work of cultural heritage.

Ms. Ciou-Peng Yu-He
       So her son, General Manager Ciou established the Nougat Museum in 2005. Unfortunately, she passed away before themuseum was opened, and failed to see the cultural transmission and education functions of the museum personally.

Second-generation Operator
        In 1983, the second-generation operator Mr. Ciou Yi-Rong took over the business with his wife Mrs. Zeng Cuei-Na in succession to their mother. Mrs. Zeng assumed the board chairman, and Mr. Ciou acted as the general manager and continued the operation idea of the founder. Through the efforts of twenty years, they made Dahesong Salico become the champion in the nougat market and expanded the share of the wedding cake market, thus laying a solid foundation for the leading position of Dahesong Salico in the markets of wedding cake and sugar. It is learned from Board Chairman Zeng that, the general manager is the soul of Dahesong Salico. He has the leadership traits, such as abilities, courage and creativity, and most of the company strategies are worked out by him. General Manager Ciou is not only good at operating business, but also pays much attention to filial piety. He once said, Ħ§we can march toward the future and the enterprise can realize sustainable operation only if we can pass on the good cultural traditions.Ħ¨

The founder and her husband in honeymoon in 1954
The second-generation operator Mr. Ciou Yi-Rong