Management Guideline of Wedding Cake Factory

       Here is the guideline brought forward by Board Chairman Zeng for operating and managing the wedding cake factory:
       First, keep the factory clean: sterilization is carried out in the whole factory once every ten days. On the sterilization day, everybody leaves the company at 5:30p.m. The main purpose of sterilization is to kill the mice, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, and professional personnel are invited to do the work of sterilization periodically.
       Second, do well the wastewater treatment: in the industrial zone, wastewater treatment is required before discharging the wash water or any other water to the conduits. We have built a small wastewater treatment plant ourselves. The waste water is collected together and additives are added before discharging the water to the large-scale wastewater treatment plant of the administrative center, so as to avoid environmental pollution.
       Third, health examination is conducted for every employee of the company to prevent and find disease early.

Board Chairman Zeng pays much attention to the employees' opinions and suggestions

       Fourth, employee education and training, for example, fire drill twice a year, CPR training, and so on. We ask the managers to tell our employees what occupational risks they will face in the working environment, e.g., when operating a machine. Our employees go the Bureau of Labor Affairs to attend training on issues such as response to earthquake and fire non-periodically. The managers accept such training first and then train the workers.

        Fifth, staff meeting: the factory holds the staff meeting twice every year. Important things are announced in the meetings, and employees may bring forward their opinions or suggestions.