The Start
     We confronted the difficulty to find the right theme for our project from eight categories when deciding to participate in Cyberfair competition. Our teacher, Mr. Lin, suggested we start with the people and things in the daily life. We wrecked our brains and came up with three main themes, namely "Taiwan Fund for Children and Family", "Taoyuan Arts Center" and "School Volunteers". Then, after discussion, we chose "School Volunteers" as our first trial to undergo a project. But what significances worthy of our studying and discussion are there since we almost meet the school volunteers at school every day?

     We searched all the relevant information about volunteers on the Internet and found it requires some special ability to be some kind of volunteers (such as a physician license is the requirement to be a volunteer doctor in some developing countries). The contents of all the volunteer work also varies from directing the traffic to health care. Our understanding about the school volunteers is quite limited. We only know that they go to our classroom and take interesting classes which often make us very much amused. They help to guide students and visitors on sports days or in other important school occasions. We need to get much more understanding about the school volunteers since we have been in the school for five years.

     We narrowed down and focused on the counseling volunteers because they have the largest share of all the school volunteers and they get along with us much longer than any other sort of school volunteers. We checked and found that, in addition to taking EQ classes, counseling volunteers help students from disadvantaged families or those with ill management of emotional problems. They even take their growth courses. All the findings make us eager to know more about their life in school and the way they look instead of the stereotype of volunteers.