The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

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Beautiful Ducking


Publish: Central Motion Picture Company
Director: Li Hsing
Cast: Tang Bao Yun, Ge Xiao Bao, Ou Wei, Gau Xing Zhi, Ge Xiang Ting
Year of Publication: 1964
Awards: Ou Wei—Best Supporting Actor in the 12th Asia Film Exhibition

Beautiful Ducking transmitted the plain simple life in the Taiwan countryside. The film presented the traditional morality –a father’s love for his daughter, even thought the child was not his own. The whole movie enriched touching and tearful atmosphere.

The story was about a girl named Xiao Yue, who was not the biological daughter of Lin Zai Tian, a duck feeding farmer. Therefore, her brother, Chao Fu, often squeezed money out of Xiao Yue’s adoptive father by threatening that if he didn’t give the money, everybody would know the secret. Concerning about his daughter’s happiness, Mr. Lin didn’t regret to sell all his belongings to give Chao Fu the money. The only thing he required was to spare Xiao Yue to sing in the opera.This adoptive father’s unselfish love touched Chao Fu and finally Xiao Yu was allowed to go back to her father.  

In this movie, there were some impressive scenes in which Ou Wei’s performances seemed so real that these acts still imprint in the spectators’ memories. For example, in addition to the manner he showed when acting an abominable hooligan to ask for money, his funny performance while playing the Chinese opera on the stage also caught people’s attention.
Besides, there were some scenes in which he held the cash Xiao Yue’s father earned by feeding ducks, tumbling in the lane while screaming “Xiao Yue, Xiao Yue,” and eventually, he scattered the money into the air, tearing the will and lost in regret…. all of these outstanding scenes impressed people so much. He was then awarded the Best Supporting Actor in Asia Film Exhibit.