The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The youth in pursuit of being a star


The child under the stage

“I want to be an emperor as well when I grow up” said Ou Wei naively as a child. His mom replied smiling” that's impossible…unless you become an actor.”

Desolate childhood

Ou Wei, whose original name was Huang Huang Ji, lost his father at the age of 3. His mom, Ms. Huang Yang Bei, had to take care of her sick mother-in-law and raise her child alone; what she depended on to make a living was sewing.

Ou Wei studied in Sin Hwa Elementary School. During these school days, he was excellent not only academically but also morally, with wise leadership. One of his classmates recalled that he used to be their class leader and enjoyed acting Seven Chivalrous men and Five Justice with his classmates.

Ou Wei's home

Impetuous adolescence

He also studied in Sin Hwa Junior High. On his high school days, he was once led astray, almost unable to graduate, and even ended up transferring to another school. Thanks to Ms. Huang's zealous counsel, he was able to behave himself again eventually. This was the period when Ms. Huang really worried about him.

Initial experience with drama

As a child, his mom often took him to the square in front of Wang Gong Temple, the Hu An Temple now, to watch Chinese Opera. Because Ou Wei was not tall enough to see the drama clearly, his mom let him stand on a bench so that he could see clearly. Meanwhile, he chose the performance strictly, getting rid of those without good stories. In the main, what he chose were about educational subjects, such as royalty and filial piety.

As a child, Ou Wei once said naively “I want to be an emperor as well when I grow up.” His mom replied smiling “that's impossible…unless you become an actor.”

The photo for elementary graduation (press the picture for enlargement)

Ou Wei's grade records on high school days (press the picture for enlargement)

In fact, Ms. Huang had always wanted him to work for the government and live a steady life. Never would she imagine that his son, with such a young age, had determined to choose acting as his lifelong career.