The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

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My dear, this photo was taken when we were shooting outdoors in Yuan Shan, Taipei . The director was explaining the plot to me. Lee, can you locate your man in the picture ?

~By your Wei >

The photo and message Ou Wei sent to his wife

A mother of strong will—Ms. Huang Yang Bei

For three generations separately, Ou Wei's family had only one child in each. His father died young and he was raised by his mom, whose expectation s for her child, just like the others, was that her son could get a dependable job with a stable salary, form a family, and live a plain life. That was why she made great efforts to make her son a government employee. As for Ou Wei's resolution to become an actor , she expressed her disposal initially –usually she took back the resumes right after Ou Wei sent the mails in the post office. Even so, nothing could stop his resolute persistence . Eventually, she had no choice but to support his son and back him up. Facing the sudden early death of his son, she accepted it bravely and continued to bring up her two grand children with her daughter-in-law. About the honor that Ou Wei was voted as one of the Golden Horse Thirteen People of Honor, she just said that the honor came a little too late to express her recognition of her son's acting career. Looking at Ou Wei's photos among his exhibition, she lost in her memory , weeping and exclaiming that his son was born to work on movies .


Grandmom was still talkative with her 90-year-old age.

Being introverted , Ou Wei was shy to express his true feelings . He once revealed to his friends that he was embarrassed to express himself ; t hough he liked his mother and appreciated her, he just showed in a timid way. We can see from these trivial things in his private life to know the true feelings of the screen tough man --leaving his wife in Sin Hwa Town to take care of his mom, coming back to visit h is mom on holidays, and sending her cloth to make garments.

wait silently ~ Ms. Huang Chwang Yang Lee

During the period when Ou Wei engaged in movies , he seldom mentioned his privacy to others; no one knew he had been married and not until his death did his wife, son and daughter be known to the public.

Ou Wei's first acquaintance with his wife was a special occasion . Ms. Huang Chwang Yang Lee lived in Kaohsiung then and she also yearned for the life of an actress. Thus she mailed her photos along with her resume to the movie studio for audition. The material happened to be seen by Ou Wei, who felt a strong affinity with the girl and then he actively corresponded with her. Ms. Chwang secretly told us that she didn't think Ou Wei was good-looking the first time she saw him, and even felt that he looked better in the photos. Because Ou Wei usually had to stay up late making movies, there was lots of acne on his face and his skin was not in proper condition as well.


The marriage had to be a secret. At a low key, they spent their honeymoon in Sin Hwa Pasture.

Nevertheless, in piles of letters--over one hundred—Ou Wei demonstrated great sincerity and affections, which made Ms. Chwang agree to associate with him. After years of association, Ou Wei proposed to her. Although she also pondered over whether to marry an actor or not, she was finally moved by his sincerity and they both formed a family. But, the marriage had to be kept as a secret for fear that the reveal would influence Ou Wei’s acting career because he was not successful yet. The secret was kept so well that even Director Li and Ke Jun Xiong didn’t know it, and their honeymoon was spent just in Sin Hwa Pasture, an experimental farm for livestock products now. In addition, Ou Wei’s father died young and he treated his mom with piety; knowing that his mom didn’t like the environment in Taipei, he hoped his wife could stay in the hometown with his mom.

When Ou Wei was sick in Taipei , his wife in i tially intended to take care of him, but she couldn't. Thinking of this, Ms. Chwang c ouldn't help deploring for it; she thought that if she had been beside him look ing after him, maybe his illness wouldn't have worsened so fast.

The attitude Ou Wei displayed to be a great actor was serious, and to support his striving for the leading actor in Execution in Autumn , his wife sent him money regularly, who didn't accept any contract the whole year. To fulfill his dream of directing and acting the film The Big Raid , his wife ordered a directing chair to show her support , though he was using up the savings just accumulated after shooting Execution in Autumn . All t hese events displayed the family's resolution.


The directing chair from his wife's encouragement

We listened to Ms. Huang Yong Bei telling us her interaction with Ou Wei.

After his death, Ms. Chwang brought up two children with her mother-in-law by using the money she earned arduously. Life was tough but respectable. In t he Memor able Award after his death, the organization concerned raised a lot of fund for his family, but Ms. Chwang decided to donate all to those who she considered to be needier . She said that Ou Wei's awards had already brought them the honor and they were still able to earn their living whereas this money could be used to help more people. She is really a woman of perseverance.