The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

Strolling around the star's hometown



Ou Wei’s home
The school once attended—Sin Hua Elementary school

The one who provided this graduation photo was Ms. Zhuo Mei Zhi, Ou Wei’s classmate during the 1st grade to the 3rd grade. Ou Wei was the class leader and she was the vice-class leader. Ou Wei was excellent both academically and morally. He enjoyed acting Seven Chivalrous men and Five Justice with classmates.

The Hu An Temple Square
The school once attended—Sin Hua Junior High School

During this period, Ou wei was impetuous; he ignored school grades because of his focusing on personal loyalty. His academic performance became worse and worse and he was almost unable to graduate. Since he started his movie career, Ou Wei often went jogging and worked out in the playground here.

Sin Hua Police Station

At the age of 19, Ou Wei worked as a policeman, which allowed him the privilege to take a free bus to watch free movies in Tainan City. The architecture in the photo was the previous Sin Hua Police Station—the during the Japanese rein, which was later pulled down and rebuilt in the early 1991.

 Li Jing Photo Shop

Located at the Old Street, it is the most ancient photo shop in this town, where Ou Wei took his photos imitating James Dean when shooting The Big Raid before his death. He once asked the owner to take photos for the film’s promotion.

The Post Office

At 19, Ou Wei found his life career as a movie star and devoted himself to it. Thus he determined to send the movie studio his self-recommendation letters along with his photos, with his expectations and hope in each one. But his mom intercepted the letters as soon as he mailed them. The previous post office was located at the south of Zhongzheng Road—The Old Street, in front of Sin Hua Police Station, so he could send the letters nearby.

The barber at the market

The deceased wife of his good friend Cai Tian Ji was in charge of this barber. Mayor Cai used to play chess with him, who would particularly came south from Taipei to play chess with Mayor Cai when he couldn’t resist the temptations of chess. Both would compete in front of the barber. Mayor Cai used to drive Ou Wei back and forth to the airport or the train station. The last time was when he took Ou Wei home from Taipei, whose situation had become the worst.

Sin Hua Pasture

This was the place where Ou Wei and his wife spent their honeymoon with a low key, which was also his deceased friend Li Meng Xiong’s working place. When Ou Wei moved into his new house, Mr. Li bestowed a wall decoration with scenery embellished to express his congratulations. Now it is still in the living room. Sin Hua Pasture is now called Livestock Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Execuitive Yuan.