The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

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The Country Calamity

Publish: China Motion Picture Company
Director: Zhung Zeng Ze
Cast: Jiang Xiu Yun, Zhang Xiao yan, Sun Yue, Ho Yu Hua, Ou Wei, Ge Xiang Ting
Year of Publication: 1966
Awards: Ou Wei—Best Leading Actor in the 5th Golden Horse Film Awards


Zhao Chang Fei, one of the typical cadre members trained by Chinese Communists, had accepted Chinese Communism education since 10. Later, he was sent to communicate with the public and participated in organizing a club. He stayed in Chen Yao Zheng’s house; his friends, Li Juan and Fang Chen also stayed at Chen’s relatives. During a casual talk, Zhao Chang Fei knew that Chen had been a housekeeper for Zhao Jin Shi. During the war with Japan, Chen also followed Zhao Jin Shi to embark on the fighting with Japan, but later Zhao Jin Shi was killed by the Chinese Communists, and his 10-year-old son was gone. After a serial of questioning, Chang Fei realized he was the son of Zhao Jin Shi. The tyranny went on with incessant assassination, riots and fights for defense, one after another.
Being framed up, Mr. Chen Yao Zheng was executed by shooting. Then, his wife and daughter committed suicide. The situation gradually deteriorated; Li Juan and Fang Chen were also sacrificed in defiance of the tyranny. After witnessing the sequel deaths of his relatives and friends, Zhao Chang Fei decided to fight for freedom.

This movie was a typical political propaganda. In the movie, Ou Wei once felt dubious and confused about the Communistic education he received as well as the sudden revelation of his birth. These incidents brought him overwhelming helplessness and the feeling that he could do nothing about these. The conflict and contradiction in the leading actor's inner world was perfectly interpreted by Ou Wei. As a starring actor, this was the first time he received the highest honor in Taiwanese movies—the film won him his first movie king in his life.