The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

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Lush Mountain & Royal Blood

--The Wushe Events

Publish: Hwa Sin Motion Picture Corporation
Director: Ho Chi Ming
Cast: Hong Yang, Ho Yu Hua, Wu La Jun, Lai De Nan
Year of Publication: 1957

Lush Mountain & Royal Blood --The Wushe Events was Ou Wei’s first film, a Taiwanese movie describing how people fought in defense of Japanese in Wu She. The main idea was about the aborigines’ encountering unfair treatment under Japanese reign; Japanese deprived them of the natural resources, yelled and shouted at them and, the most unbearably, raped the women. Consequently, the aborigines couldn’t stand any longer and decided to fight for themselves.

Huang Huang Ji, with the screen name Ou Wei, acted an unhealthy aboriginal young man, Ou Wei, whose lean and dark-skinned appearance matched the image of the role so well that even the mayor in Nanto County mistook him for a real aborigine during the visit. Though he didn't play a significant role in the movie, his performance surpassed the director's expectations. After that, under the permission of the director, he used “Ou Wei” as his lifelong screen name.