The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The copyright explanation



Thank Ou Wei’s family—Ms. Huang Yong Bei and Ms. Huang for accepting our interview; they provide some precious materials like photos, news clips, and Ou Wei’s handwritings.

Thank Mr. Kang Wong Rong for explaining the movie museum to us. He provides a lot of precious materials he has collected and connects people related for the interview.

Thank Mr. Wang Rong Sen and his wife for accepting our interview.

Thank many previous persons who made the efforts to present abundant information so that we are able to get a deep understanding of the great actor—Ou Wei.

Resources explanation

  • Most of the information in this website comes from the interviews’ oral description and then we record it, organize it and write it down. Some parts are extracted from paper clips.
  • Photos and some historical relics related come from the exhibition in Ou Wei Memorial Museum.
  • News clips, some related relics and photos are provided by Ou Wei’s family.
  • Photos of the exhibition are all taken personally by the team.


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  • Yao Li Gun… ,etc. People’s Magazine of Taiwan Entertainment, Taipei News Agency, March 2008。

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