The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

Journey to the star

Immersed in the plot


“In Execution in Autumn, we got him a pair of aluminum chains, but he insisted on using his money to make an iron one. He wanted the burden which the weight of the real iron chains caused, to help him perform.”

~Director Li Hsing


The whole-hearted dedication he displayed in his performance was impressive.

Director Li recalled one of the scenes in which Ou Wei wrangled with a Japanese policeman in Ou Wei’s first movie. He demanded to jump off a 400-to-500 meters high cliff and then roll down the hill for over 10 miles far. He was so involved in the scene that when the director said “cut,” they couldn’t stop right away because they both were fighting—the one who played the policeman was knocked down, losing three teeth, and Ou Wei got a three-inch scrape on his arm….

Ou Wei (right) and Li Hsing (left)


When Director Ho watched Ou Wei shoot, it suddenly dawned on him that the way Ou Wei represented the film corresponded with what the movie intended to express--the Wu Ser Incident; his lean body seemed strong under his spirit of justice and this was how the aborigines fought in defense of Japanese. This representation was quite impressive for an actor who just began his career.

In Execution in Autumn, Ou Wei acted as a condemned criminal, who had to wear feet chains in prison, ready for the death penalty; whereas at this moment, his heath had already been declining. The considerate crew prepared a pair of counterfeited chain made of aluminum for him, coated with copper and looked much like the genuine one, but felt much lighter to wear. However, for the sake of being real, Ou Wei discarded the chain and reserved for an iron one, which was much heavier than the original. In the process of shooting, Ou Wei had frayed his ankle, which he didn’t mind. Instead, he insisted on going on like this way. From this, we can know that as an actor, he really expected highly of himself.  

In his mind, this pair of chain might mean more to him than the Golden Horse Film Award.