The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The star stories

Another intimate

What strength enabled the small town to build its own cultural museum, leaving abundant life records of Ou Wei? The facilitator of the movie cultural museum—Mr. Kong Wen Rong, who was not so much his fan as another intimate; both had something in common—both were full of persistence to pursue their dream without regret, which might be regarded as another kind of intimate.

The brewing and establishment of the movie museum

The idea to install a movie cultural museum had begun early in the mind of Mr. Kong, a local cultural and historical worker. But there was no proper occasion. The idea was then buried until Mr. Kang joined a Taiwanese film exhibition--during 1950s and 1960s, at Bei Tou. After getting to know some experiences about holding a film exhibition and contacting certain film cultural workers, this idea came back to his mind. Out of some coincidences, Mr. Kang found more and more information about Ou Wei. It seemed that everything was just right for him to embark on the job. Installing the memorial exhibition for Ou Wei then became the first task. Thanks to Director Li Hsing and National Film Resource Museum, many precious materials and historical relics were provided. Eventually, on December 2, 2007, the memorial exhibition of the strong-willed actor—the movie king Ou Wei, was open to the public in Sin Hwa Town.  

Mr. Kang is so familiar with all collections and information in the memorial museum.

But holding this exhibition was just a warm up activity; Mr. Kong also set a goal for himself--to establish Ou Wei Memorial Museum, which was also the wish of Director Li Hsing, who came south twice to offer this suggestion to the mayor of Tainan County, Su Huan Zhi.

The display has now become a permanent exhibition. Though it is not spacious, under Mr. Kong’s arrangement, the space is used efficiently, with abundant materials and contents—the life story of the movie king, the history of Taiwan movies, and the reports and materials related. Along with the volunteer’s lucid explanation, visitors can know the great actor in the movie history well. Mr. Kong expects a more appropriate place where these precious historical relics can be well-displayed. Meanwhile, the culture of movie loving could be lasted and spread in this small town.  

Mr. Kang said “This is life’s turning corner for Ou Wei.”

A talk about Ou Wei from Mr. Kang

What brought the idea of establishing Ou Wei’s movie culture museum? In Mr. Kang’s eyes, Ou Wei is quite similar to the other literary author—Yang Kui, both of whom were so persevered in carrying out their dreams. Mr. Kang mentioned that with more and more Ou Wei’s information collected, the better we know about him, and the more we adore him. His achievement in movies doesn’t contribute to his greatness alone; the process of his pursuing to become a great actor attributes to his greatness as well. This kind of persistence would serve as a role model for people. In our view points, Mr. Kang’s contributions to the hometown--the efforts he made to inspire the next generation and his spirit to transmit the culture and bring innovation for the local--are not less than these ancestors.  

Mr. Kang showed us the Little Theater in Ou Wei’s memorial museum.