The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

Daily Notes



This day, we officially started our exploration of Ou Wei.

Process report

Working content
Specifying the research topic

•  The teachers confirmed the progress.

•  Everybody embarked on profiling. First of all, we'll visit Ou Wei Movie Museum and do the first report.

•  We composed topic description and local depiction about this place.

A brief introduction

Today the teachers showed us Ou Wei's personal files, including

1. profile

2.award records

3.his widow situation

With their oral explanation, we really learned a lot. We've got to categorize these.

Taiwan School Cyberfairion

Today the teachers officially introduced the Taiwan School Cyberfairion, assigning the following for us to read at home:

•  competition rules

•  awarded works in history

•  evaluation criteria

•  membership

Then they instructed us the software needed, and gave us the disks to install at home.
Making progress

Today we read Ou Wei's information in the Word file, which the teachers assigned, and allocated the parts for describing in our own words; then we'll combine each part into a whole. Thank the kind people for offering Ou Wei's information. We'll work on it.

Beautiful Ducking

Today we visited the website:

Where we found Beautiful Ducking . Ou Wei was engrossed in his role; though he acted as a protagonist, he eventually became a changed man. The spectators were led to follow his encounters in the scenes; the moods were undulating with the plot.

Tasks after the Sports Day

Today the teachers assembled the team, teaching us how to organize the information collected, making it more systematic to be more easily understood. I think we can do a good job.


Today the teacher wanted us to browse the characters' introduction and write down the worthy parts. I found quite a lot ; for example, moving the circus onto the names would foll ow the introduction and clicking on the figures' pictures would get the same results , etc. I believe we can also do it as long as we read more, listen more and learn more.

Outline drafting

Today the teacher wanted us to surf the Net and examine other teams' website structure s , finding the ir advantages and t ook notes for future learning. Then, we had to put these in order and list the outline of Ou Wei's life. I hope the rest parts will go smoothly as well.


Today we rearranged the outline, mailed the file to each member and distributed everyone's parts to read. Each is supposed to assemble their own parts. I hope the process would go successfully, too.


Today the teacher mailed lots of information about Ou Wei to each member with compressed files so that we could deal with it at home, deduc ing into categories and organize it. The task is to digest the materials we have and make it into a unique report of our own. During our team work, we took photos as well as discussed over the issue and then recorded. When these are finished, we'll get more understanding of the dedicated actor, who stands for our hometown.

Things related to be noticed

Today the teacher reminded us of things to be noticed while making the interview to avoid our embarrass ment of not know ing how to react or behave properly . Tomorrow noon will be our first interview with the manager of Ou Wei Memorial Museum. I hope we could make good progress and get something new.

Ou Wei Movie Museum

Today we visited Ou Wei Memorial Museum , the founder of which told us a lot about Ou Wei, including three important directors in his life—Ho Chi Ming, Pan Lei and Li Hsing, his love for his family—the gifts and clothes, and his important works— Execution in Autumn , Beautiful Ducking. Plus, there were also over 100 letters for self recommendation to strive for any of the roles, etc. Mr. Kang's explanation really helped us know more about the movie king.

Connecting interviewees

The teacher helped us connect Ou Wei's family and the movie museum's founder, hoping us to find thing unknown about him so that our Web Pagess contents were more abundant.

Back to Ou Wei Movie Museum

Today the teacher took us back to Ou Wei's Memorial Mu seum and took pictures of us along with Ou Wei—correctly speaking, pictures of us and Ou Wei's posters. I recalled last time we visited here, we saw Ou Wei's movies inside—up to over 100, with detailed record for the famous ones, which would definitely help Ou Wei's admirers get a better understanding.


Because last time, we just took a quick look at the Taiwan School Cyberfairion's evaluation criteria, the teachers led us to read more specifically this time. After reading even the detail, we knew the criteria well . We would work harder.

Just keep going

During our New Year's holidays, everyone was doing the allocated task such as organizing the interview report, editing the outline of “The youth in pursu e of being a star” and “Journey to the star,” editing the briefing and dwindl ing the photos. Everybody was doing their best. Wish we could do a good job. Guys, let's go for it.


Today we used PhotoCap at school to dwindle the pictures. Before this, I had done the same task at home for 3 or 4 hours but just finished more than 300. It was really a time-consuming job. Since we haven't got all of these done, we have to keep “dwindling.” Ha.

All was gone.

Today we had to organize data about Ou Wei over again because….all was gone.

How frustrating. But….

We'll go see Execution in Autumn next week.

Great. Then we can understand Ou Wei better.
Execution in Autumn

Ha Ha…

We eventually got what we wanted.

With Execution in Autumn playing in front of us, we were deeply touched because this was the one representing the movie king and the one he insisted on shooting while he was sick,

Software teaching

Today the teachers instructed us another software—Filezilla; though it was complicated, we all found it practical after learning it. It enabled the data from distance to download in PC and the edited data to upload to the far side. The expiration date is coming. Let's go for it.

Tight schedule

The schedule is tight recently, so it's been a long time since we took a good rest. We use the lunch break to build the website in the computer classroom. Here are the contents related:

First, we look up the content of Ou Wei's reports.

Second, we browse the briefing our academic seniors made previously.

Not only the students but the teachers have lots to do. Thank everyone for the efforts.

Star Cinema

Today we did something important—adding the title “Star Cinema” to the original outlines. Because of it, we start to collect anything about “Star Cinema.” We collaborated on the task, expecting the moment we finish the website.


Eventually, we have made some progress, so today we just made some revision, including specializing the progress report, editing briefing, delivering it and ending responds to Execution in Autumn . These were what we did today. Hey guys, let's keep going.

Final stage

Our computer teacher has finished the page design. Now, the job has entered the final- - p o sting the collection and finished materials onto the pages and then the website is done. Seeing the finished parts, we are so glad.

Today, we are busy revising the briefing. I hope better work will be presented.


With the coming of deadline, I hope we can finish all ASAP, so we collaborate with each other. Some revise the progress report ; some surf the Net looking for related materials about Execution in Autumn and The Country Calamity so that the content would be more abundant.

New resources

Today the teacher found some over 10-year-old materials about Ou Wei in the Memorial Museum . We browsed the content and found many useful resources. By adding these, I believe our website will be more complete.

Final efforts

Just several days are left. Today we checked the Web Pages , like wrong spellings, picture position and the link . You guys are great.