The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

Behind the Scenes



On the last day of our winter vacation, the teacher wanted us to “find” Ou Wei from the film Execution in Autumn .


Responses for the movie

Pei Qing

Pan Gong's grandma spoiled him since childhood; consequently he made more and more trouble and even killed 3 people in a row. They thought money could solve everything. Not until the last moment did he regret what he had done and decide to face the music, accepting his death penalty.

I think the warden was really a good man; he knew Pan Gong was not so bad in nature; he just lacked a proper educational environment. So, he beat him like his son, wishing him to return to the right way.

Xiao Yun

In this film, he acted as a good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family, but was sent to the prison because of committing murders. His grandma tr ied every way just to save him out, but in vain. In respect of the everlasting of the Pan family, a woman was sent to the prison and married him, which led to a complete change in his life attitude.

Ou Wei's acting skills were fully developed here. His performance was naturally presented throughout the film, impressing the spectators in every aspect.

Yin Yu

Grandma's spoiling would do him no good and just caused more trouble, which ended up becoming an irreparable mistake.

Execution in Autumn is a film with educational function—the criminal's retrospect at the end could encourage and inspire those who made mistakes to become changed men.

Hui Qui

Pan Gong Ou Wei acted was a man of bad-tempered. Grandma's spoiling caused him to develop a diverted character -- he could always have everything in his way and Grandma was supposed to s ol ve everything for him , until he killed 3 people and was put in jail. Grandma did her best to save him but nothing changed—he was still sentenced to death. Not until this moment did he realize he was the one to be blamed and should not depend on others to help.

So do we . We shouldn't take everything done for us for granted. Instead, we should be responsible for what we have done so that we won't have to face the irreparable mistake, like the one Pan Gong made .

Yun Ru

Pan Gong's neglect of other s' feelings and insisting on his way not only hurt the people loving him but ruined his whole life. Grandma implored anyone who could possibly save him, but these people cheated the Pans out of money and still he was a committed criminal, which broke Lien Er 's heart.

The facing of the coming execution due to serial murders dawned on him that there was something wrong with his personality and that no one was supposed to solve any problem for him. I think he found the positive side of his human nature only after he was kept in prison. In fact, many people have the same problems as well. They learn to examine themselves only after making mistakes, and usually when the mistake was made , it ended up being too late .