The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The star stories

An intimate—Ko Jun Xiong


Each time they finished watching the movies featuring Marlon Brando and Paul Newman, they argued all the way home just because of their different opinions about the facial expressions of the actors when turning back…..

The journey of inverted love

They got acquainted with each other after Ou Wei left the army service, during which they lived together in a room of three-and-half Ping, struggling for life and working hard together. They earned their living by delivering goods at Di Hwa Street. Both enjoyed acting and watching movies, and after the movies, they liked discussing about even the details over night. Meanwhile, Ou Wei would imitate what he had observed from Marlon Brando and James Dean, trying to interpret the antagonist. Then, they fought over different opinions, even causing the police to deal with it. But, after just one-night’s time, they made an appointment to go to the same movie again just to testify whose conjecture and opinions were correct, and then learned from it. This might be the reason why they had a strong relationship; both shared a common goal—the strong passion for acting.



Ou wei, Ke Jun Ziong. Pan Lei (from the left)

When shooting the same film, both would monitor each other and give advice, serving as the other’s mirror. Ke Jun Ziong pointed out that Ou Wei had a long period of time being a supporting actor, and was good at instructing or providing suggestions. The situation of their exchanging view points and learning from each other was quite rare between actors at that time. Ke admitted that in acting, he was deeply influenced by Ou Wei--he also tried different types of roles to improve himself. Before he became popular, Ou Wei helped him, found opportunities for him and even talked about the price for him. Therefore, when he was famous, he had some principles before signing a contract, one of which was that the film had to be joined by Ou Wei and Zhang Mei Yao. Also, he knew Ou Wei liked Japanese culture, so he bought a kimono for him while visiting Japan. People then jokingly mentioned that their deep attachment to each other was like that of inverted love.

The grudge

Both tied to each other via acting, but the relationship changed also due to it. When picking the leading actor for Execution in Autumn, Ke Jun Ziong was beaten by determined Ou Wei and lost the precious opportunity because of his simultaneous shootings. Then Execution in Autumn turned out to be a big success and was highly valued, which more or less influenced Ke. On the other hand, Ou Wei felt that he used to show his support as well as help in the films starring Ke Jun Ziong, but how come his good friend didn’t back him up in the film mainly featuring him. Ever since that, there was a kind of grudge between them, which ended up being regretful. As soon as Ke got the news of Ou Wei’s death, he couldn’t help crying sadly; at Ou Wei’s funeral, Ke offered his personal condolence, weeping more sadly than anyone else.


Ke offered his personal condolence at Ou Wei’s funeral service.