The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei


Journey to the star




I'm a little optimistic about my illness. You have been working too hard. I want to send a letter to Hong Kong to deal with the filmmaking….


Ou Wei's last message to his wife

Racing with time

Concerning about the fact that nobody could take care of his mom in his hometown, he left his wife in Tainan . Being alone in Taipei, partly because his being busy with work didn't allow him to keep a regular living habit, and because it was often inevitable to join social appointments after work, there had been something wrong with his health. The crew who participated in the shooting of The Big Raid mis took his pale look for being too tired. After that, his legs were found to be swollen and there was almost no elasticity in his muscle. Under everybody's persuasion, he reluctantly accepted the health examination in the hospital. But, he later excused that the doctor didn't give him specific explanation. In fact, the doctor had not been optimistic about his uremia…..

Ou Wei always brought a stop watch with him when shooting The Big Raid. Was he aware of the fact that there was not much time left so he had to race with the time remained?

In December, 1973, Ou Wei died of illness in Tainan . He was only 37 years old, leaving a two-year-old daughter and a two-week-old son !

Dedicated to his dream, faithfully until his last moment

Ou Wei was an actor bor n and grown up in Taiwan . From the very beginning to the end, he devoted himself to movies, never being overtaken by fame. When he was lying in bed, being unable to speak, the last message he left for his wife was still about his concern about the film making. At the moment he passed away, there was a list of shooting scrip in his pocket -- there was still too much waiting for him to realize!

On the day Ou Wei passed away , Director Li Hsing rushed to his home, hoping to catch his last sight before the coffin was sealed. He lamented that the death of Ou Wei was an even bigger loss to Chinese movies than the death of Bruce Li; there was still Jacky Chen after Bruce Li , but w hat about Ou Wei? Who could take his place?

Before his death , Ou Wei had always wanted to act in the film Kneeling on the Scorching H ot Stone board, a film completely designed for him, directed by Li Hsing, edited by Xie Jia Xiao. The film has not begun shooting so far, but it can never wait until the arrival of its leading actor. Ou Wei's sudden death leaves a ll the movie circle endless lament.


Ou Wei's widow and the son and daughter he left


A news clip reporting Ou Wei's death

Xie Jia Xiao, the writer who wrote Kneeling on the Scorcing Hot Stone board , a film specifically designed for Ou Wei.