The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The star stories

The forever fan


For each child, there is a brightest star he or she wants to pursue most. And Ou Wei, a great star born in the hometown, is the everlasting one in Wang Rong Sen’s heart.

First impression with Ou Wei as an adolescent

Through Mr. Kang, we successfully visited Mr. Wang Rong Sen. As a child, Mr. Wang lived near Ou Wei’s house. He remembered that he along with other kids used to visit Ou Wei and played with him when he came back to the hometown—Sin Hwa Town. In these children’s eyes, Ou Wei was the most fascinating figure, like a superstar. When he was back home, he enjoyed playing chess and talking with the mayor Cai Tian Ji. Then the group of children always followed him, like the most loyal fans. Once, he went swimming with Ou Wei, they treated each other frankly and both establish a strong relationship.


Mr. Kang is introducing Mr. Wang Rong Sen to us.

Mr. Wang recollected that each time Ou Wei’s movie was cast in Sin Hwa Town, there was no exception that everyone would go to watch it. Sometimes, there was a coincidence that Ou Wei’s movie was played at the hometown when he came back; then he would go to the movie as well. Speaking of Mr. Wang’s most impressive film, Execution in Autumn was the one. Mr. Wang thought Ou Wei acted alive the starring role in the film--it seemed he was the role in his real life. What is coincident is that Mr. Wang’s wife is also one of Ou Wei’s fans. She was from Pintung. She recalled that as an elementary school student, once the school took them to the theater, the one they chose was Execution in Autumn, which was a hit then. Ou Wei’s film deeply impressed Mrs. Wang and she never thought that one day she was married to Ou Wei’s hometown, which was coincident.


We are reading reports about Director Li Hsing; Mr. Wang accompanied Ms. Chwang Yang Lee to attain Director Li’s retrospective exhibition last year.

As Ou Wei’s faithful fan, Mr. Wang adored Ou Wei and he said when he was young, he once dreamed of being an actor as well and Ou Wei was his role model. Though Ou Wei didn’t accept any education about acting at school, he worked extremely hard—going a long way to watch the movies in Tainan city, which provided the latest and different genres of films he couldn’t find in Sin Hwa Town, especially the western ones. A persistent actor like Ou Wei, who regarded James Dean as his role model, would never consider it a tedious job.


Even Mrs. Wang is also Ou Wei’s fan.

Before his acting career, he was once infamous for his dissipated behavior; therefore, his mom rejected his idea of being an actor for fear that he should be led astray. However, when his life goal was set so clearly in his mind, he became scrupulous and bore in his mind with the only target of being a great actor. For young Mr. Wang, Ou Wei set a good example for the youth with a spirit worth learning.

The forever volunteer for Movie Cultural Museum

After retiring from a government employee, Mr. Wang came back to Sin Hwa Town and happened to find Ou Wei Movie Culture Museum been established. Of course, the loyal fan is willing to join the culture volunteer, introducing the great star he admires to each of the visitors. Speaking of his idol, Mr. Wang’s eyes sparkle with a young man’s excitement, describing Ou Wei’s stories in detail to his listeners. Though catching a bad cold, he depicts each event loquaciously, with a hoarse voice. That’s why we think he deserves the biggest fan of Ou Wei. Next time you come visit here, be sure to listen to this culture volunteer’s description, who will bring you a complete understanding of the movie king.  

Mr. Wang, with a hoarse voice, is still enthusiastic.