The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

The youth in pursuit of being a star



Into the theater


Theater, the beginning of Ou Wei's dream, the classroom for him to develop himself
Here, he found his life goal.


In his early seventeen and eighteen, when he first contacted with the society, he experienced the bitterness of first love and the unstability of his job.

At nineteen, he served as a policeman at Sin Hwa Police Station, the during the Japanese rein. Due to the privilege given by the society at that time, he was able to take the free bus to Tainan City for free movies.

As movies became prosperous, there were three theaters in Sin Hwa Town----Sin Hwa, Sin Gong and Tian Sin. However, films played in the countryside were often out of fashion, so people still had to go to the city, where the theaters provided more western movies.


The police station at former times

In pursuit of being a star

Each night, he was engrossed in the Chin Cheng Theater, the Chin Ming Theater now, a secret base where he developed his dream and enriched himself with acting skills.

Ou Wei had a relish for western movies and those featuring Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper were his learning materials with which he repeatedly practiced every day. Each time he came back from the theater, he couldn't wait to stand in front of the mirror, mimicking the posture and expression of the actors he just watched until he was exhausted.

The mirror was his prominent learning tool. (press the picture for enlargement)