The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

Journey to the star


Decade of splendor


He matured his acting on those thirteen-year honorable days and then fixed, leaving an imperishable image.

~The Golden Horse 30 People of the Honor~


Splendor in the silver screen

1957 Jin Shan Law Case : Best Supporting Actor in 1 st Golden Horse Taiwanese Films, Hwa Sin Motion Picture Company produced, directed by Ho Chin Ming
1964 Oyster Girl : The Most Promoting Actor—The Golden Knight Award by American Individual Film Association, Central Motion Picture Company produced, directed by Li Jia and Li Hsing
1965 Beautiful Ducking : Best Supporting Actor in the 5 th Asia Film Exhibit, Central Motion Picture produced, directed by Li Hsing
1967 The Country Calamity : Best Leading Actor in the 5 th Golden Horse Film Award, China Motion Picture Company produced, directed by Chang Tzeng Tzo
Execution in Autumn: Best Leading Actor in the 10 th Golden Horse Award, Ta Chung Motion Picture Company produced, directed by Li Hsing

The honor after his perishing

In 1982, the ninth year after he died, he was awarded the Memorable Award in the 19th Golden Horse Award Ceremony. His widow, Ms. Huang Zhuang Yang Li, accompanied by his daughter and son, received the award on the stage, with a $NT200,000 pension bestowed by the representatives in the movie circle such as Li Hsing and Ke Jun Xiong. Nevertheless, Ms. Zhuang announced “I have a job sufficient to support the family,” and then she contributed the pension to the sick and poverty fund for the movie crew, hoping the tragedy like Ou Wei would never happen again. The fortitude she displayed inspired the spectators below the stage—it turned out that the determined movie king also owned a family of strong will power.



In 1993, the 20th year after Ou Wei’s death, he was chosen as one of the Golden Horse Thirty People of Honor, with a majority of votes in the first round. Unfortunately, he was the only one who had been deceased among the thirty, who made remarkable contributions to Chinese movies.

Devoted himself to movies all his life, and being famous in the movie field, Ou Wei gained the recognition from people all over. He was not only a vanished “comet” but a precious “planet,” imprinting in people's memories forever….