The Immortal Movie King—Ou Wei

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Oyster Girl

Publish: Central Motion Picture Corporation
Director: Li Hsing, Li Gua
Cast: Wang Mo Cho, Mu Hia Ji, Ou Wei, Gau Xing Zhi, Ge Xiang Ting
Year of Publication: 1964
Awards: Best Feature Film in the11th Asia Film Exhibition
Ou Wei—the Most Promoting Actor, the Golden Knight Award from American Individual Film Association

In 1950, Taiwanese movies were left far behind; even the work joining the exhibition was once sarcastically criticized as “the film with the most courage.” Not until Oyster Girl won the Best Feature Film did Taiwanese movies receive some pride and honor, for the first time.
Oyster Girl was the first feature film produced in Taiwan, a film with exquisite composition of the pictures along with natural scenery, and was presented with a color wide screen. It was also an important work representing the Healthy Realism Era. The story background was set in a fishery village, beginning with a girl named Lan, whose father was an alcoholic, collecting oysters for a living. Lan and Jin Shui loved each other, but they encountered some troubles—the bothering of thugs in the village, Lan’s pregnancy before their marriage, and the rumors as well as malicious remarks from others, etc. Fortunately, the story ended with a happy ending--Lan successfully gave birth to their child, and they got married finally.
In Oyster Girl, Ou Wei acted a local thug who sauntered all day without a job, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. He found each way to harass Lan, played by Wang Mo Cho, with such a despicable and abominable attitude that his performance deeply impressed the spectators. Throughout the film, Ou Wei didn’t play a crucial role but his outstanding performance won him the honor—the Most Promoting Actor--the Golden Knight Award by American Individual Film Association.