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Element of Studying Plan 


How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?

      The roles of the monographic studying are ourselves. We are not audience and listener. By join the opportunity of the CyberFair, we can combine with the culture ,art, community resources and the participation of parents. Through the interview of people of Taiwan Poetic Pathway,

       We go into studying activity by multi-ways, integrating the sources of network and technology equipments that teacher offer. We show the interesting theme of web page . In the process, we learn the ability of analysis, induction, organization ,and association. We also learn the skill of expressing and communicating. Further more, we learn how to respect others to promote team spirit. Besides above ,we should have positive attitude to finish our monograph in the studying process . The most important, we can share our feeling, thinking and happiness.

Ability index of cooperating is tabulated

Find out about the forming background , traditional climate and other natural phenomena of a season
Find out about different feeling of place and environment and different reason to some extent of impressions
Analyse the influence and the factor on designing and environmental type of living space, such as idiosyncrasy , culture background , social system and natural environment ,etc.
Know the VIP and incident of Taiwan in the present and the past
Probe into the origin of the culture of Taiwan, and appreciate its intension
Collect various kinds of art forms in the human society, and the one that can appreciate aesthetic feeling, communicating and expressing
Understand that one can determine self- development by oneself, and break through the expectation and restriction of the traditional custom or the social system


What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your International Schools CyberFair project?

       When we make this theme, beside using network and books to collect information, we also go to visit relative people live in Yanshui who are good at the poem of Taiwan . In information technology, we use of digital camera,digital camcorder ,recording pen,computer,cell phone,printer,photocopier,CD burner,information of network,verbal visitiation and lots of software just like dreamweaver 、 nEO iMAGING 、 photoimapact 、 picasa 、 browser of firefox 、 flash 、 media player 、 yahoo messenger 及 msn 、 FileZilla 、 word etc, to assist the local monograph.

      And when we visit, we use the recording pen to record the talking of invitee and use cell phone and telephone to arrange the plan.

In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your International Schools CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

      Before visiting, we usually collect information, make visitatorial questions, disscussing from each other and practice in advance. For reducing mistakes on live situation,our teachers tell us about our manners and relative items about the topic we study. After our visitation, we manger visiting content to document. Because we have enough preparation on first time, when we go on second and third visitation, we don't feel nervous more.

we are disscussing

What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community?

      The executive chairman of Lin Ming Kun hopes that Taiwan can become poetic Taiwan. As the younger, we sometimes don,t understand the history of Taiwan. When we listen the music of Taiwan songs and or read the poem of Taiwan, we don,t know the conception of them. So by inviting the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan, we can understand the history of Taiwan. And through writing the poem and making the pottery, we can create the history by ourselves.

      Through the monograph, besides we study hard to find information, the people of locality value the local land gradually. Before we study the topic of this time, the people live in Tainan don,t know the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan. Now we can let everyone near by the land of Taiwan. Like a poem of pottery〝 Don,t dislike Taiwan〞.


How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

      We should appreciate Lin Ming Kun ,the executive chairman .He combines school and community, let our visitation very brilliant. And we also appreciate Lin Wen Yue, he shares the information of Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower, the process of making pottery, the idea of art and the Tea Tao of lotus. All that let us know the lotus and pottery further. Finally we must say “thank you” sincerely.

thank youthank you

The Monographic webpage works make proprietary to prove

      In photo personage of students , parents is use to announce to agree already. In the monographic materials part, we have already sought interviewees and other materials provider to agree to announce and use. And thank grantor for grantor's help here, because have you, could let our monographic content more abundant .

      In photo, except the photo that is authorized, other photos are all shot by us.

Find, lesson and surprised

      Do you know the beauty of the poem of Taiwan? Do you know the way of making pottery? Do you know the development of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan? Through our monograph, you can see all.

      Do you ever read the work of literature and the work of art of Taiwan poem? We invite the local culture and art and write some articles and poems. Even more we hold the activity of making pottery by the whole school. To grow out of nothing, we believe you are delight to see we learn much more!

we are working!we are working!we are working!