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While The Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is building, the poets who are writing the poem of Taiwan from all walks of life, contribute to this activity, but because the length of the wall of the poetic pathway is limited, executive chairman and Mr. Lin ZhengHua who is the past chairman of Taiwan Literature Department of the Zhen Li university sieve 90 odd poems together. But the executive chairman expresses that It is quite regrettable that it still can't present out more poems.

When we interview, the expression of Miss. Lin, let us to see many pottery poems. And we are impressed deeply by two poe ms °–°© If I open the window in my heart °™ and °© The pistil of the spring °™ .

After going back to school, we pass the teacher's guidance through a lot of activities to study these two poems separately. Following we make a brief introduction with the authors of two poems °– Wang ChangXiong and Lu hanxiu.

Wang ChangXiong (1916- 200 ), his real name is Wang RongSheng. And he live in Danshui inTaipei. He graduated from the common school of Danshui , the middle school of Yuwen Department of Japanese, Tooth Department of the Japanese university .He went to Japan in early years, received the higher education of the middle school , literature , medical science , and join the theatre troupe. The dentist is his job and the literary creation , such as poem , novel , prose ,etc, are his will industry of all his life . He masters Chinese and Japanese language, so he creates the novel , prose , lyrics , new poem and article comment. And he advocacy the ' Yi Zhuang group ' even more, combine the people of native country who have a common goal to have a meet per month. They chat cheerfully and cherish deeply. In addition, he edit ' North Taiwan Literature ' , establish the studying camp of North Taiwan Literature. He meet and guide the less advanced, and his contribution is in Taiwan literature and culture.

His work has short story , comment , medium-length novel and prose collection just like °© If I open the window in my heart °™ and °© posting amorous feelings °™ ,etc. and his collection of Chinese and Japanese are being editted. He and his friend Lu Quansheng who is a musician cooperative Taiwan ballad word °© If I open the window in my heart °™ , winning universal praise particularly, and it is remote to sing. Unfortunately , he still create more than 60 years until his dead to New Year's Day of 2000. His lyrics have encouraged Taiwan compatriots to open their hearts facing the future since 1950. They pass by the trial again and again, and still have the wish and the confidence, It really °© the window of heart °™ of Taiwan!