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It is a quite hard job to finish this special topic of research. Besides our own efforts in this course, we should thank all teachers and the relevant personnel in Taiwan Poetic Pathway helping us to finish this job! Say to you here ' thanks! '

Humane Campus Full of Poesy

Shen PeiRu, Du YiHua , Shen HuiWen, the three teachers, lead 20 students of high grade and make the discussion of the depth of ' the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan 'in this year, They visit executive chairman Literature and history of YueJin of Tainan developing association a lot of times. Contacting with executive chairman a lot of times, we approve the executive chairman , s idea of paying and taking action to the community of native country very much. Hope that by making the research course of ' the poetic pathway of Taiwan ' to improve the research ability of students , and to develop characteristic of this school ' the poetic pathway of Jhu-Pu by making use of everybody's intelligence on the other hand, let children have stages to present their own works.

Students from grade one to grade six all make pottery edition, and to carve the poem on pottery. Each of works is student's own meticulous doings. School administrative personnel and all teachers stick works on central corridor in school to form very grand and characteristic the poetic pathway of Jhu-Pu .

Administrative personnels , teachers , parents , volunteer group make concerted efforts to finish the performance goal, improve levels of studying of teachers and students greatly by discuss theme of ' The Poetic Pathway of Taiwan '. We express compliments and gratitude to all these colleagues that pay quietly here. Children of Jhu- Pu try the teaching activity in many ways, everybody is all a protagonist, they hope to discover their potential to find the interest that can fix the direction in the future. The work of pottery edition make the poetic pathway of Jhu-Pu outstanding meanings- let campus full of poesy, full of humane aroma, mould the good character of teachers and students, train and show solicitude for the heart which shows loving care for this land liking living together with us deeply, live with naturally, and reach the ideal realm of ' the harmony between man and nature '.