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¡nThe poem- poem remembering¡nIntroduction of The Workroom 

Literature and history of YueJin of Tainan developing association

Brief introduction

     The YanShui town was the oldest cities in Tainan. Enjoying equal fame with Anping ,Lugang formerly, and we named three major commercial ports. It is called one prefecture (Tainan ) , two Lu(Lugang) , three Mengjia (Wanhua), four YueJin¡]YanShui¡^, so the reputation is well supported by fact at that time. The old cities and towns made the elegance and talent of years let it protect simple and unsophisticated taste. Even now when information is developed, it do not reduce its unique posture yet. house1
     Executive chairman of the workroom of literature and history of YueJin of Tainan developing association¡Ð Lin Ming kun. After graduate from history department of Cheng Da , because he is interesting in historical culture assets and has the speciality of agricultural department so that he begin to manage his own hometown construction. He make arrangements for to set about the 85th year of the Republic of China. Mr. Lin established the workroom of literature and history of YueJin with Guo YiMing ,etc in 86, initial by collecting the historical accounts of past events of YanShui and old photo as the main fact, and cooperate with the school and temple fair to hold activities of the old photo exhibition! For promoting the community to build the work overall, they do many things such as training directors of culture accounts , the work of Taiwan Poetic Pathway, narrators of nonlocal visitors etc. They hope that can enable aliens to experience of humane tang and the passing on of historical culture of YanShui!


Circulate community message , substantiate the historical accounts of past events , recommend the reading climate , promote the level of the art and culture.


(1) help every community to establish the book club , improve the reading climate .
(2) conduct of arranging printing and distributing of community's publication.
(3) the maintenance and save of the community historical relic.
(4) help to set up the file of historical accounts of past events of the community.
(5) promote the integration with environment of the community and the art and culture activities.
(6) hold the art and culture activities of community.
(7) offer the service of tour and culture assets of Tainan.
(8) other items about promoting the level of art and culture of the community.

Developing perspective and performance goal in the future

(1) build the tone of literature of the YanShui townand it is our final goal.
      (2) To manage for the Taiwan Pathway of the art and culture and it is our immediate objective.


Win unit's fine award of plan of multidirectional employment in 2005. Carried out in the unit and elected 20 units with good achievement to accept and praise by national plural employment. Participate in the administration of rural areas on community¡©Charming township¡ªin 2005 and gets the cultural landscape special award.
award1 award2
Win ' the third award of administration of rural areas on community ¡© Charming townshi p ¡Ð the cultural landscape special award ¡ª with the title of " The Pathway of human of Taiwan " in 2005.

And get the third award of joining in the Taiwan crafted festival-selecting of crafted lane in 2004, the work good at crafted creation, participation of community, preserving Mechanism, local feature, and prospection, etc----. It was found favor with the jury.

award3 award4


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Relevant information

President¡GLi Jin Long
      Chairman¡G Lin Ming Kun
      Secretary¡G Huang Xin fan