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》The poem- poem remembering》Environmental introduction 



The Poetic Pathway of Taiw an ' lie in the path by 19 county lane. YueJin is the fourth big post of Yanshui . Talking about Yanshui , it has a famous activit y - setting off firecrackers for everybody's impression in the past, and the Poetic Pathway of Taiw an of nearly 400 meters let Yanshui have the chemical change.

Lin Ming Kun says because there was pestilence before, one day, the people here invite Wang Ye to the place of the pestilence and ask Wang Ye how to curb pestilence, and Wang Ye point out that they should plant Beauty Trees to eliminate the pestilence. And he plant the seeds of kapok by his friend in 1967, the pestilence is also eliminated.

Five years ago, Mr. Lin says ' The Taiwan Poetic Pathway over 100 years, just like Arcadia in YanShui town in the South can " open the doors and windows in the heart ". And we can also appreciate the lotus, chanting poems , kissing " pistil in spring ".

"The Poetic Pathway of Taiw an has already got all kinds of rewards so far. It represents YanShui town to get the award of administration of rural areas on community 〝 Charming townshi p - the cultural landscape special award 〞 with the title of " The Pathway of human of Taiwan " even more this year. So we have the idea of exploring the history and the development of The Poetic Pathway of Taiw an . Why The Poetic Pathway of Taiw an building into a cloud wall? The executive chairman says: ' the cloud wall comes from the high and low cloud t of the sky. ' So beautiful realm!


Primitive Looking of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan


The Course of Building the Poetic Pathway of Taiw an












Course of Constructing

Lin Minkun is very proud of the Poetic Pathway only built for forty thousand dollars by the government of Tainan County , the association development of literature and history of YueJin , and the volunteers of community from the beginning to the end.

Course of construction having invested much manpower, a lot of villagers invest the project of building together because of the identification with this community. And with based good friendly feelings, Lin WenYue makes pottery edition for this Poetic Pathway. We once visited Mr. Lin WenYue, why will he want to help the construction of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan? He express because we are good friends! Everybody is diligent for this land the same, so pays work hardly is nothing!




After the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is finished tentatively, a lot of typhoons have come, and some trees collapse too, The executive chairman especially emphasizes, in fact, the impact the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is not serious. The reason lay in the peripheral trees of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan, all plant by the seed and their roots are deeply caught the soil .The executive chairman especially refers to the site on the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is a very clean ground, this can prove because appearance of earthworm after raining. It has no external pollution on the place.

And the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is subsidized for 1300000 dollars by Association of Culture Building again this year, the Poetic Pathway will be extended, and will become the important strategic place that to experience literature of Taiwan and rural idyllic life.

In the way that we go for interview this time, it is lucky to see that the tree house is building !The executive chairman says because funds are not enough, so have no idea to build the magnificent tree house at once, but will build out a place to have a rest first , and the right picture is exactly the destination of tree house that is building at present.


After Typhoon


Rest in the Tree House




Witness History

We still stay to prepare set the image brand on the tree house. Our principle says the extraordinary importance of this moment, it is the history and the 30 year later, we come back to see the land , the meaning was different at that time !

The Poetic Pathway of Taiwan gradually adds much cultural color for the ancient town of Yanshui . In more than six years, from the empty farmland originally to develop view facilities around one by one, no matter view of the poem platform of pottery, the lotus pond, flavor restaurant , pathway of kapok etc. All make visitors enjoy here so much as to forget to go home.