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The special topic from discussing, planning , visiting on the spot , until making thematic webpage last , it go through much course. We come down important odd record now this time! If you want to know more, you can consult ' the daily record of the monograph '!

The important record event tabulating
Time Place Commentary
2006/11/11 In the Tianliao town. Visit the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan
2006/11 School Language contest:
*copies poem of Taiwan(He-Luo Language)
*Composition: A poem which I like most
2006/12/02 School Family -duty activity:
*languages poem sings
*The feedback of teachers and students
School Pottery edition making of Jhu Pu:
*Creating child poem
*Making Pottery edition
*The Poetic Pathway paving and presenting
2006/12/17 Baihe Town Visit the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower