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Project Category that We Participate In

Resources of Local Sightseeing

Our Local Community

      This school lies in Jhu Pu Li, YanShui town of Tainan county. And the Taiwan Poetic Pathway is just near by Jhu Pu Li. We often go to this beautiful place by bicycle to take a walk, and play together! Accidentally we can see a group of persons enclosing the wall to listen the narrator sing the poem of Taiwan with our mother tongue originally. So we have the idea of exploring the history and the development of The Poetic Pathway of Taiwan. To understand the different taste of this place.

Summary of Our Project

     The Poetic Pathway of Taiwan ' lie in the path by 19 county lane. It is originally a stretch of farmland, and in order to develop the local characteristic, a group of enthusiastic person payed the bill , came forward. While voting in one hundred scene in Tainan last year. When we take a walk among them In summer, we will feel an extra aroma. And our school is located it YanShui town, so it is a fine neighbor of ' Taiwan Poetic Pathway ', Such an good place, we will certainly introduce the Taiwan Poetic Pathway to the whole people in Taiwan, even introduce it to people in the world. Let all appreciate this beautiful beauty spot, and chant Taiwan poems together in the leisure time.

Our Network Environment

     There are twenty personal computers in our school. CPU is p4450, the memories are 256mb, bandwidth is100Mbps inside school, and there is fibre-optic system outside school. The speed of internet is fast.

Difficult problem that we meet and overcome

1. We can not control the time sometimes :

      It is really a pity that some of us can not join the activity because they have courses in holiday. The activities in school are numerous, we do not have enough time to discuss so we just use noontime, breaking time, and the computer class to finish the difficult task.

2. It is not easy to collect the documents and information :

     Because the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan is a new sightseeing of our township, the information of the Poetic Pathway is rare that we are not easy to collect documents of it. But we still surf on the internet and go to library to find the information of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan. Because of the documents is rear, it reveals the importance of our monograph. And we believe our monograph will have great help for the people who want to study the relative issue.

3. We are not good at making pottery :

     This is our first time to make pottery, and because we don,t have the basis of making pottery, some of the work are broken. After burning from high temperature, some of the work are broken, too. The reasons may be we hit the work incautious or the temperature is unstable. Besides we also find that we should glaze the pottery heavily, the pottery would be beautiful and bright. If we glaze it lightly, it can not appear the bright color. The experience has given us a good teaching and we can take the experience as a mirror.

The Impressions of Finishing This Special Topic

     This is my honor to participate in the fair of network this time. I hope to joy in the fair of network once again. And it let me learn a lot of things from participating in the fair of network. For example, how to get along with other people, how to coordinate suggestion with others, etc. Hope that I can participate in the fair of network again if there is an opportunity.

we are working!we are working!we are working!