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It is a quite hard job to finish this special topic of research. Besides our own efforts in this course, we should thank all teachers and the relevant personnel in Taiwan Poetic Pathway helping us to finish this job! Say to you here ' thanks! '

Taiwan Full of Poesy

¡© Taiwan ¡ª , what code represent for our Taiwan. ' No code just means no place to live , No code just means no residents live here.What is the meaning of existence of people? Besides more than 23 million human lives, what are others? These questions have been perplexed me all the time.

The culture (culture ) is the anthropologist's Key Concept (key concept ). If literature of Taiwan can be entered society of Taiwan and become live with the Taiwan people to elaborate the due function of literature. And this is a cultural worker's responsibility. The author of the lakeside random notes (Thoreau ) has been said: ' he carves his field map in his soul . '

This place of Tianliao is a very small community to calculate in Taiwan, the households of seventy odd, more than 370 individuals, those young people striving and moving for life, except celebrate the New Year, nearly seldom come back. Who is living here? Except the old man is a child. Every household will plant some vegetables in front of the room, and they do not use insecticides on vegetables because of no money to buy or stress agricultural order naturally. They know obviously that dishes can not be eaten up, then make a gift of holding everywhere.

Clean is the advantage of this community, the main reason is that the consuming capacity is low. But I think that here is the wonderland of Taiwan, the ' simple people ' that Tao Yuanming talked about.

Lin ZhengHua said: ' the last ten days of October of 2000, the workroom of literature and history of Tianjin of Tainan call me, and want me to select seventy or eighty poems of " Poetic Pathway of Taiwan " for the community of Tianliao. It is a great meaning they make Taiwan residents know the native soil from the poem, and have deep love for Taiwan even more.

At that time, he busy with full-scale drama annual of Taiwan literature- hold " Heart window of Formosa- literature meetings of Wang Changxiong. At October 27, he still invites several poets of the whole countries to send their poems that can represent native country spirit and characteristic of Taiwan. To add and compile first and then organize the committee and absorb all the useful ideas. It gets a big echo result, and it is really moving. Put in order and is over, limited into size of pottery of edition, there are a lot of works will be influenced. In order to remedy the influence of ' the extraction ', After publish the special book, discuss background of every poem, and poet's deed achievement, they make a copy of the whole poem to publish into book form, in order to understand every poem overall picture.

The following is Lin WenYue's view on space of the poetic pathway of Taiwan:

He says: This is a path which hears the heartfelt wishes. Soul will take a walk at the same time but law will work up the vision and adopt the durable natural material in the native country with the environment harmoniously, including pottery brick and closing the stone of the son mountain range. It is simple to adopt Chinese, the expression with frank freedom of the calligraphy, contact the poet's emotion, reveal the space of poesy.

He says: Pile brick stand up one by one, putting into the land of the poet's words and expressions like sprout as the seed generally.

' I work comfortable, the cement frays the finger tip, the skin is slightly ruddy. Furthermore, it makes people have a kind of sturdy existence sense to have a pain indistinctly, and life seem deepen '

' Because of the deficiency of the funds, the voluntary mothers of the community join the ranks of helping together, so the completion of " Poetic Pathway of Taiwan " is the time to cohere the community's idea.

The poetic pathway of Taiwan has selected some works of poets, like Lai he, Chen Xugu, Chang Wojun, Yang Shouyu, Yang Qidong, Yang Hua, Wu Xinrong, Guo Shuitan, Weng Dou, Wu QingTang, Lin Fangnian, Wang Deng Shan, Wang Changxiong, Chen Xiuxi, Zhan Bing, Chen Qianwu, Dupanfangge, Jinlian, Zhuang Bailin, Lin Zongyuan, Zhao Tianyi, , Hu Minxiang, , Zeng Guihai, Xu Zhengxun, Lan Shuzhen, Li Minyong, Xiaixiao, Xie Antong, Chen Mingtai, Lin Shuangfou, Yang Ziqiao, Li Qinan , Song Zelai, Li Yufang, Zheng WenShan, Chen Mingren, FengZheng Dong , Xiang Yang, Lin YangMin , Liao Yonglai, Lin Jianlong , Lu Hanxiu, Fang Yaoqian , Lin Chenmo, Chen Zhengxiong , Zhang Fangci , Chen Jinshun Shen ,etc.

People can understand being only through time. Time is a river. The heart presenting constantly and disappearing quickly again.

Then, Taiwan may just become a great river.