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After building out such beautiful Poetic Pathway of Taiwan, what should we do next? We thinking deeply in our simple head just want to development sightseeing, but the executive chairman's idea is not so simple!

After our interview, we know that in fact the development of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan has bright prospects in the future, the executive chairman wants to use strength of the community and the government's support to let the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan be continued. Condense the strength of the whole community by this to cultivate the emotion of this place and increase resident's love and identity of the community.

What a great ideal it is! In the second interview, Mr. Lin WenYue actually refers to the same idea too, ' The present artistic creation lies in public art emphatically ', so the most beautiful thing is the thing that the creation made by everyone. It will condense the heart of everyone if we all devote to the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan. And it is believed that the future will be more beautiful in Tianliao community because of the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan.