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》Poetic Pathway of Jhu- Pu》The picture and text creating 

Teacher Lin WenYue has ever said: ' present art has already no longer focused on personal art, but focus on public art'. The Poetic Pathway of Baihe is like this, and the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan that we study is also like this. The teacher encourages us to become a poet or the artist, so we have planned several activities together. Now sharing to everybody here. It is calligraphy match, the composition match and pottery edition making separately. We are nearly all mobilized by the whole school, and the achievement is brilliant.

Calligraphy match  

School have calligraphy match over the years, and the highly difficult calligraphy match that we challenge! We vote for a poem liked most from the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan - The subject matter regarded of 〝 If I open the window in my heart. 〞 And through writing the exercise of several weeks, the match formally started on November 23 , 1995 at last .

The way of writing is different from the past. It is the literary style of using the horizontal type, and the calligraphy teacher thinks a poem of picture wanted to write, must write the word a bit smaller, and should enter a new line like the poem, it is imitated that it is really an ultra and highly difficult calligraphy.


The calligraphic teacher direct to write calligraphy


Exhibition of the excellent works


While making great efforts to practice


Formal match


Write the copybook in competition


Write the copybook in competition