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We have an opportunity to visit to the owner of Baihe Pottery Workshop this time - Teacher Lin Wen Yue. He is a promoter in Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower.

Though our theme this time is the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan, we hear Lin WenYue's name from the executive chairman ”ŠLin Ming Kun. Mr. Lin help to make in pottery editions in the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan, and he also is the promoter of Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower of Baihe. This lets us want to visit teacher Lin WenYue further, to see the difference from the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower to the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan!


      The Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower lies by the green tunnel of zhumen of Baihe town. Lin Wen Yue show that the motive they founded the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower is want to let the lotus flower image will be better in Baihe! That is to say that they want to make the people of Baihe will more passionately to the place , and to produce more native soil identification. interview4


interview3       But the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower only a little plan among them of this idea, Mr. Lin charters one large stretch of land nearby, offer the unit to adopt and plant the lotus flower. From deficit incoming in the beginning to feedback the family supporting center of Tainan 100 thousands dollars. And all these are that Mr. Lin insists and gets the villager's approval in the localities all the way. Teacher Lin WenYue has also said there are a lot of activities in the adopting inside of this lotus field, offer child's ecological teaching of nearby school, tea ceremony of lotus flower to experience. Talking about the tea ceremony of the lotus flower, teacher Lin WenYue make the lotus flower tea for us on the same day , use teacher pottery cup that teacher make by himself. The cup is super beautiful really! The teacher has also explained the tea ceremony for us, include four steps: Enter, sit down , need , and balance. Need us to think deeply about more!


interview5       Teacher Lin WenYue is an artist, he shares some ideas about art with us, for example this plan of the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower has not been fit for the singles and fight alone, but need everybody's cooperation, so it can agitate out more different ideas. It gets the support of 12 elementary schools of teachers and students near by. The teachers of schools direct students to create poems then the works were fired and appeared by teacher Lin WenYue. The same as the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan. The road to the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower has an entry image to present the lotus field , the Poetic Pathway , entry image , pavement , wooden view platform. Teacher Lin WenYue thinks this is public art!
      The public value that it expresses is different with a person's original creation work!, Community people , teachers and students participating in the experience of the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower in Baihe will produce more affectionate sense! We think this should be teacher Lin WenYue's community's aesthetics wanted to transmit!


      Teacher Lin WenYue says that the pottery products on pottery workshop, the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower , and the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan were used the local materials as seedpod of the lotus , fluffy dust , lime stone , hot spring mud ,etc.. And first want 800 degrees Centigrade to burnt into a plain pottery, and then come to use mineral raw materials to be colored , then glaze transparent glazes. Finally, it is fired and finished by 1200 degrees Centigrade of high temperature! Mr. Lin also taught us a word of He-Lou language " lime" read into hui2.The meaning of lime of He-Lou is pottery. Teacher has also explained the meaning of this word to us: It is that stone, rock pass centuries to burn into the plain pottery. Through the changes of several thousand years, and when the plain pottery is passing 1200 degrees Centigrade of high temperature to burning to the pottery , that is change to stone once again within short time, and we call it" hui2 ". A word expresses the stone and turns the whole course burnt back to the stone into the earth, it is really very interesting and very magical too!
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The interview lets us obtain a lot of different ideas and thinking. We have further understood the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower, and then we will make a comparison from the Poetic Pathway of Lotus Flower to the Poetic Pathway of Taiwan.