Before making this specialist paper of Taipei Guest House, I do not know what is the fair of network circle , only know that makes specialist paper with the network, but after doing this case study, I not only understand the making of the fair of network circle even more, learn how to do webpages too.
In the past, my impression on the Taipei Guest House was: Old , very solemn. But after visiting the Taipei Guest House, my impression to it has totally changed, become the feeling a little lying fallow, make people very apt to be on intimate terms. After really visiting the Taipei Guest House , explain the worker's Taipei Guest House of introduction diligently of will , let us understand building characteristic , ecology and history of the Taipei Guest House even more too.
We for find out about building , Taibei of hotel further, we please slowly abundant to build architect , building of office help us to explain the course and technology repaired especially also, he tells course of our difficulty , repairment that a lot of hotels of Taibei meet one while repairing and history of some hotels of Taibei. We skin in the old street of small house too, where we have understood the early and folk building , culture , history of Taiwan !-Wait, so we have learnt many things in the research this time!

It was sheerly curious that I chose this course originally, wondered what was the fair of network circle, and have understanding one layer deeper , understand and keeping in touch to the historical site and history of Taiwan , go to visit , visit to collect the materials , a kind of enthusiasm of production gradually and thick interest when begin the webpage of making.
My understanding of Taipei Guest House in the past, just a government spent much money to rebuilted and very beautiful, then the house lived according to the Taiwanese governor of era on day. As guide person being formal to lendid Taibei after the hotel , I know in here is it is it have a lot of interesting historical story , special law , worker of building , behind one's back to live to building splendid T .
In order to understand that the ordinary people in the past and building lived of the governor have different any, we skinned in the small house again, the ones that tried to figure out the two looked on as and met the question about course repaired with the different place carefully, we please build the male architect of forest of the building office abundantly slowly, carry on the deep visit.
When we meet the question about webpage making , will try every possible means to solve together. No matter whether we have gained the name finally, I believe that only we do conscientiously , the thing that don't make and will let you regret is better!

It is totally out of curiosity to participate in the fair of network circle at the beginning, did not know at all what the fair of network circle is , just entered the state slowly under the leading of abundant good Mr. Yan , teacher Jiang PeiLing and teacher Chen JinXue later.
First job to select topic at first, everybody one face ignorant right away, do not know how to do , discuss finally out this theme of ' the Taipei Guest House ' , because the Taipei Guest House is just near our school .
Just beginning me , the hotel was to Taibei ' not know a thing ', did not know history of the Taipei Guest House until participate in the fair of network circle and surf the Net and consult the materials, in order to have a deeper knowledge of Taipei Guest House, we decide to visit the Taipei Guest House. In the course visited, we observe while listening to the guide, take a picture on one side, I have known that the Taipei Guest House is day according to the buildings of the times, is Baroch type's building , seem splendid.
Also visited the will worker in the work later, they were all that one group liked retiree in the building of the hotel or the social personage interested in the historical site in Taibei, after going back to school, we make the photo and materials into the webpage , upload. We also visit to skin in the small house, relatively skin in the small house and Taipei Guest House and have anything different. We is it repair architect , Taibei of hotel to visit too, in visiting, we know they repair hard very much, has done a lot of measures in the Taipei Guest House, for instance: Fire control measure, insert in the pipeline in the ceiling on the first floor and floor of the second floor, this is a kind of special repair method not destroying the historical site . After studying , I know that the Taipei Guest House is a special historical site, it repaired and finished through a lot of people's efforts.
It is very interesting to participate in the fair of network circle this time, we did not know in the past what was the fair of network circle , but after the teacher leads our schoolmate's sister's websites before arriving, we have a little understood the fair of network circle.
We regard Taipei Guest House as the theme , join Taipei Guest House complete the ceremony , finish strolling being whole in the May, only the garden and back garden, the chance which the Taipei Guest House visited , building characteristic of Taipei Guest House of comparison that participate in the fair of network circle and let me can go once , just the importance to understand building of Taipei Guest House.
I have learnt too when do the webpage that use various kinds of ways of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX , has known history of the Taipei Guest House too while consulting the materials, because I am responsible for checking the building and noting down the chronological table of the Taipei Guest House, it is known that governor's official residence is in building the record one by one , the teacher please come to responsible for rebuilting the forest of the Taipei Guest House the male architect is introducing for us, and has taken a lot of thick materials for our reference, those some materials are minuteses of the international building seminar, what we reach forest male office (Yu Xu build architect office ) of architect rebuilt ever too skin small house compare historical site repair the way, can participate in the fair of network circle this time , is really very valuable!

articipate in fair of network circle and let me understand further how to use computer Dream waver this time, I do not understand at all at the beginning what is Dream waver , but through the explanation of abundant good Mr. Yan, I know if Dream waver needs to use the whole shape word with ' the blank ', can also use and pursue layer , let the picture that actually can't move shuttle back and forth freely.
Original I think Taibei hotel only one house only too later because will worker , teacher , explanation of architect, I know that the Taipei Guest House is the place where , and the Japanese governor lived before for a historical site staying according to era since day, he has many characteristics , for instance: He is the Baroch type building and designed by Japanese architect Feitian east a wild a my darling of village, me .
I think I can visit the architect , will worker , relevant unit to join the network circle !-Waiting, can increase my courage , because I have studied to the visit skill. There is everybody that can learn more history , knowledge of the historical site , so I like the fair of network circle very much. And we have passed teacher , personnel !-Waiting for people, the whole class goes to understand our neighbour's Taipei Guest House further.

I think the match of this network circle fair not only lets me learn a lot of skills about computer, still let me understand the relevant materials and history of the Taipei Guest House. Though will often make webpages , go to the Taipei Guest House to observe , look for the books to have materials on networks on the spot during the process of making, and put it in order in the webpage, really a bit tired, it is all for the work of the fair of network circle but so long as think of the work , my spirit will come again at once.
There is a vacation, Mr. Chen also budgetted one's time with the Taipei Guest House specially, the person leading us to participate in this theme enters to visit, see building characteristic and view of flower garden inside the Taipei Guest House. And, Mr. Chen has especially invited the male architect of forest in 'Hus Yu-Chien Architecture Association' to have an informal discussion with us, it was the problem met in renovation course and course of the Taipei Guest House that was discussed. In addition, we go to visit to skin in the small house, the purpose is to want us to do the comparison between the two.
Finally, I hope the completion that the fair works of network circle made can be smooth in so much time and energy of the bet but also wins the prize, that is our energies after a

I think, this activity is still quite interesting , but, it is very tired to type oh! Very arduous!
Can visit teaching in the open air in most heavy advantage of these course, but, been all listening to guide personnel all the time , he says history of the small house and his look now about skinning , let us know about before and present information.
The second leading advantage is looking into the materials by surfing the Net , and, while consulting the materials, sometimes can not find the materials, the teacher knows the special case and gives me more relaxed work, is really a good teacher!

We still visit and build the architect's male architect of forest abundantly slowly, it is a serious person that he gives me a feeling at the beginning, however, in the course of talking with him, I find that he is actually a quite witty and objective man , we ask a lot of questions, but, he say issue of us too heavy to have no way answer , he say a lot of about method that historical site keep with talk of him, I still thought in the past that the method that the historical site was repaired and kept was according to the original look, build another similar building or appearance and inside and all decorate and let it beautiful again, I knew at last now! It is a complicated job that the historical site is repaired, especially hear and disintegrate the investigation for the first time, let me remain perplexed despite much thought, later, he explain that let us understand , it need disintegrating the investigation to do some more repair that more important historical site is repaired, can make more accurate and effective judgement and decision to the maintenance method .
Though, finish the course and meet a lot of setbacks , but, I will make great efforts to finish all work! Come on! Come on! Come on!

We must read a lot of others' works , just near our school but very determine after some discussions at first
It is the theme to lack ' the Taipei Guest House ' that people notice , and study deeply.
Fortunately the Taipei Guest House had already exactly improved relationships and can be visited open at this moment! Vacating the vacation, everybody went to visit this old building . But I know after going that this is worth. It extraordinary grandness, carving on Liang Zhu meticulous, the people probably repairing it spent much time! But it's a pity that can't go up on its second floor , is afraid of the load of the floor.

In order to understand the Taipei Guest House even more, we have visited will worker , architect too. Where from the architect do we know a lot of details repaired about the Taipei Guest House, it is that ' 'Hus Yu-Chien Architecture Association ' to be responsible for what the Taipei Guest House repaired, we have reached the male architect of forest, please, from where it will be he learn they the architect office will is it build from a lot of above- 2nd -class architect competition is it come out to select to choose. Have what repair , Taibei of hotel meet difficult , how about solve. He built the small house, Zhongshan hall of skinning too at the same time !-!-,etc. building. What we have visited and rebuilted too skins in the small house, and compare it with the Taipei Guest House.
I think that it is very helpful to me to participate in this activity, though will be hard, very worthy! Original I do not even know that the Taipei Guest House is so close to us ! And is making use of and getting the activity this time I have deeper understanding to the Taipei Guest House!

Can participate in the fair of network circle this time , I am very glad . At the beginning at the lesson of selecting, hesitate a little too in fact, because I course made to know to have many to be difficult, however, I think that want to try.
Now, work of us enter state more and more, visit , whole interconnected system ...It is all the work that must be passed to wait a moment. Before participating in the fair, I am not cognitive at all to our neighbour- the Taipei Guest House, has only listened to others mentioning its name, but now, we not only know a lot of its story , its building characteristic , its repair , its historical value ...,Even please carry on further understanding to carry on the architect , one of the repair originally.
During the process of making , certainly have a lot of difficulties too, for example: Do not know that picture story of the problem of how to ask keyly , webpage overlaps ...Wait a moment. But, actually the thing will meet difficulty , we will find out one by one that the method will be solved too. Seeing everybody's study conscientiously, it has spirit of studying that I think them easy, I will study more. Now, we know the efforts of going diligently.

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