On the first step into Taipei Guest House, it was the grand mansion and the beautiful fountain in our eyes. The craved patterns on the wall were renewed, so was everything else including the chandeliers and arches, even the curtains.

Taipei Guest House is a highly decorative building, and it is one of the masterpieces of architecture during the Japanese occupation. The French style black metal roof and the entirety green color designed saved Taipei Guest House from bombing during WWII.?

The front yard is symmetrical western style, and the back yard was designed to be a Japanese garden to suit the governor’s lifestyle. The combination of the West and the East was the Japanese’ lifestyle at that time. They adored the western culture and imitated the art style, but they were still comfortable with their own culture and life.

Characteristic of the building

The main architecture looks like a '凹' shape, longer in the east-west way, and shorter in the north-south way.
There are two floors of using space in the building. On the first floor, with entrance in the center, living room on the two sides. And the second floor is the receiving room and the governor’s bedroom and study
The attic on the third floor of the east wing was for watching and guarding.
Chandeliers and pillars were decorated inside to make the interior even more luxurious, and there are also many arches in the building.
A Japanese bungalow was built in 1920 linked with the main architecture by gallery. It was the governor’s daily residence.
The garden is around the mansion, and the northern side of the garden was even built according to a legend.


The main architecture looks like a '凹' shape

Main central porch of entry
The north of the main seat is towards the south, the level presents the"'凹' shape, build the west of oB base to eL, dispose to the short rectangle in the north and south.
ain front is the Greece type hilltop mud decorations
The southeast corner wing floor- balcony on the third floor is accepted by festival celebration and hailed and viewed and admire the parade use. The copper tile roof of four thes top of the horn, imitate the wood and construct the cement rack in the north and south

Taibei hotel roof get a bird's-eye view of , it is obvious is it roll over roof , four of the east stick up roof , in the west calotte and dormer window instead to replying central. (picture from Hsu Yu-Chien Architecture Association) The oblique top of the graceful Sa in France type , the graceful Sa type roofs and Greece type gables of the form of the cape , middle dormer window, oeil-de-boeuf window of both sides, distribute a whiff of thick classical images.
The third floor of hotel of Taibei, can also view and admire the place of the procession at the time of the festival celebration of the scene of the street in order to support the host and guest to enjoy the coal , look far into the distance at ordinary times in main function.
Flower garden
Garden in front and at the back of the flower garden , first , for pool spring view district of Japan type northward back garden (build the mountain type); Another kind is the symmetrical flower garden of geometry to the flower garden in the south, the fountain is Baroch's style modelling .
Lie in the flower garden of room of the northwest backyard and type , send to design that similar to tea of room of room,for at that time governor last space at ordinary times 。 The vestibule is the French symmetrical flower garden of geometry, there is a Baroch type fountain pond in centre.
Arched door
First, adopt different structure systems on the second floor, adopt and join and enclose the post structure of the corridor on the first floor, the roof beam post structure of second floor. The design that it has the arched door that there are a lot of places in Taipei Guest House, is one of the characteristics too.
Pair of corridors post
Carve exquisite Rome post and join corridor but and neat and corresponding doors and windows, show a kind of neat rule style not waiting for quantity again.



The cliff side of the rectangular window is in order to imitate the horizontal line foot of the stone material, extend and link to each other, produce the feel with abundant and calm and steady sight.

olored windowpane of the second floor
(picture from Hsu Yu-Chien Architecture Association)

Victorian style floor.
Reception room
The second receiving room

The guest room in the east wong.



There are17 fireplaces in the Guest House. The fireplace is the point for western buildings. The 17 fireplaces are all from England.
(Picture from Hsu Yu-Chien Architecture Association)


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